LOAD220 Day 13 Natalie Schmidt – The Rec Room @ 681

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 13 – Off prompt today, unless you count the chevron as an arrow, but I don’t need that gold star (today, anyway! 😉 ), which is a shame, since today’s story prompt is one of my favourites of this challenge. Off to my Trello ‘stories to scrap’ board it goes! Instead, I made another page for my ‘Home’ album (childhood home section).

    Journalling reads: When I reached preschool age, my parents finished parts of the basement with a coarse, tightly woven rust rippled carpet & dark wood panelling below the wainscoting & a rough, white stippled stucco finish above it. As kids, we used this rec room as our main toy area & hang out space. It’s where I kept my hi-fi stereo system & record collection, my storybooks, the dollhouse that Uncle Bert & Mike built for me, & eventually, my Commodore 64 & my Epson dot matrix printer. The fuse panel was in there, as was an almost constantly-running dehumidifier unit (whose bucket it became my chore to regularly empty). That space hosted a number of Scott’s & my birthday parties. It had a tiny window, through which my (other) babysitters Jill & Mary snuck through one night to terrify their friend Patty, who was babysitting us at that time. The laundry room & adjoining crawl space (home of the spooky Ouija partner, Willy the Owl (taxidermy specimen), my Dad’s pornographic magazine collection, & seasonal decorations) remained unfinished. Years later, the main room of the basement was refinished to become a much more hospitable office space.

    Template credit: Scrapping with Liz – Weekly Life Template 19 – right

  2. Wow! Your parents must have had the same contractor as mine finish off the basement! We also had the dark wood paneling and white Stucco above, although our indoor/outdoor carpeting was red and black. the main room was finished off but the other 1/3 was the sectioned off laundry/storage area where my dad had a work bench. you photos look very similar to the those of my own childhood.


    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Marcie! It’s definitely getting a number of pages into it this month. 😉 I feel a layout about the kitchen coming on.

    1. It’s really fab and fun to be able to use them on my pages. Being able to use ones featuring a room and not about a specific event or time is really quite liberating!

    1. Thanks, Krista! I’m completely a theme-y scrapper and love to be able to add little themed bits and metaphors onto my pages.

  4. I absolutely love the continuing story of 681. I need to raid the family pictures again.
    I have to agree, anyone that had a basement turn rec room had wooden panel and indoor/outdoor carpet!

    1. Dianne, thank so much for your support. It feels so great to be scrapping with these old photos rather than simply keep them lying in their boxes! Yes, wooden panelling and indoor/outdoor carpeting were definitely the style of those days.

    1. Thanks, DL! I’m completely a theme-y scrapper and love to be able to add little themed bits and metaphors onto my pages.

  5. Love your embellishment cluster that complements items in your story. It’s so good to get these layouts done, isn’t it?? Yay!

    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m loving that I’m getting to use bits of my stash I haven’t used before (and sometimes, didn’t even know I had!) and getting these older pics out of their boxes and onto my pages. It’s really feeling like it’s coming together!

  6. Basement memories… what a good idea for a page! As usual your layout has all of the details and perfect embellishments for your fabulous story. Well done!

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