LOAD220 Day 14 Natalie Schmidt The Kitchen of 681 Broadview

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Thanks so much for looking! Completely off-prompt today, but I’ve gotten another page for my ‘Home’ album done describing the kitchen of my childhood home. It feels really great working with these older photos and getting them out of their boxes and on to my pages. Today’s prompt was a really great one, so I’m capturing it within my ‘stories to be scrapped’ Trello board.

    Journalling reads: The kitchen at 681 wasn’t the heart of the home, as we weren’t really known for our cooking. Mom worked shifts & didn’t fancy herself a cook, & Dad preferred to BBQ until the Genius II arrived on the scene. It was, however, known for its holiday family meals, Dad drinking beer with his friends, New Year’s parties (”I love corn!”), & late-night card games with the Sarjeants. But most of all, it was known as being the most renovated room of the house. You see, when the house was originally built, it had only a smaller window located in its dine-in section. After Mom & Dad were married, they installed a sliding glass door to take full advantage of the lakefront view while dining. The calendar always hung on a nail in the corner between the window & the feature wall. This feature wall (the one closest the family room), where the rotary dial & then the push button phone hung, changed paper 4 times during my 18 years of residency. First, it was full on 1970s flower power in golds, oranges, and olive green, then it went to a blocky mushroom brown kitchen tools, copper pans & pine green accents pattern on a white background, then to a very open pastel windswept floral pattern (like open daisies), and finally, to a slightly taupe painted finish. Curtains went from harvest gold with orange pom-poms, to reedy woven olive-green floor-length drapes, to floor-length lacy white ones with beige accents. Cupboards went from a medium brown wood for most of my life, to white melamine cupboards with dusty rose & brass accents once the major renovation, including new countertops & tile backsplash was complete. The floor reminded me of muddy river stones, but as it was vinyl, it was good for driving radio-controlled cars.

    Template credit: Simple Scrapper Membership Template #23

    1. I’m so glad that you noticed that ‘touch’, Elizabeth! It’s not quite close enough for my liking, but should I find something better in my stash later on, I’ll swap it out. 😉

    1. Thanks, Sue! I think that’s going to be it for 681 Broadview, until I create a generalised ‘walk through’ double page spread, I think.

    1. Thanks so much, Marlo! Hubby and I have changed houses more than renovated rooms in our most recent 18 years, so it’s interesting to see all of these changes in my parents’ house.

  2. These are great pictures and what a good job you did documenting those old mememories. Havent done my page yet, but I think Im going off prompt too!

    1. I’m interested to see where your page lead you. I’ll look for it in the gallery. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment!

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