LOAD220 Day 15 Natalie Schmidt – My Friendship with Shawn Yeske

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 15 – My Friendship with Shawn Yeske. Thanks so much for looking! I’m not one for using black and white, so what immediately came to mind, being that I’ve been working with my childhood photos of late, is my only male elementary school friend that had black hair. I was going to scrap about my friendship with Shawn for the day that was all about our nemesis, as he’d definitely fit the bill (a definitely worthy academic adversary!) but I ended up scrapping about something else that day, so Shawn’s day in the spotlight is today. 😉

    Journalling reads: Shawn was a constant in my childhood life. I can remember back to those Mom & Baby preschool library sessions when Shawn & I bounced & sang on the great big bean bag snake & listened to the Orillia Librarian read us books. He was my best male friend. He also lived on The Point (over on Mooney Crescent, about 30 houses away from mine) & we did so many activities together. We were swimming buddies (all the way from preschool levels up until our Bronze Medallions – Sharks at ‘the Old Y’ together was a lot of fun!), classmates, school taxi (in kindergarten) & bus mates until we graduated from high school. We were the tallest girl & boy in our grade (he‘s slightly younger than me; his birthday’s July 7th), & we kicked some serious butt while playing Junior Mixed Basketball together in Grades 6 & 7. We were always academic rivals for top student. In Grade 6, I totally had a crush on him (he was smart & kind & funny) – Crista even wrote the song 2 Smarties in a Box about ‘our romance’: ‘1 is pink & 1 is blue’). His Mom convinced him to skip Grade 7. I missed him that year, but when I went to our high school in Grade 8 to take Grade 9 math, we were once again in the same class! Crista became great friends with him, too (after the stick in his bike spokes incident) & he & Kyle were tight in high school. We remained close until he went to Queen’s, then he moved out West to Calgary (like Lisa); then we lost touch.

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  2. I certainly hope you rekindle that friendship soon. Wonderful journaling and story. I really like the simplicity of the layout – the pictures say it all. Very nice layout!

    1. Thanks so much, Dianne! No one of our high school group (even Lisa, who also moved out to Calgary post graduating from Queen’s University) has heard from him in ages. It’d be nice to rekindle, but since I don’t do facebook (and I’d doubt he does, either), I think that’s not likely to happen. I’ll simply express my gratitude for our friendship we enjoyed while it lasted.

    1. Thanks! I love that, too. ‘Connection pages’ (a story that runs throughout a number of years/generations/people) are my favourite type of pages!

    1. Thanks, Tori! I love having photos representing so many different years and events from my life together on a single page. I’m a fortunate girl!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacqueline! I have another friendship page ready to go for today, too, and then perhaps I’ll swing back to the present for a little while – depends what tomorrow’s prompt is, I guess. 😉

    1. Thanks, Nadine! I’m currently working on creating an album documenting my birth until marriage that’s being inspired both by Alice’s class ‘Scrapbook You!’ and Jennifer Wilson’s (of Simple Scrapper) class Before Your Story.

    1. Thanks so much, Marcie, for this comment. I definitely feel a very fortunate and grateful soul to be able to scrapbook these curated photos spanning a couple of decades.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I love it, too, and it gets me singing the Toy Story Theme every time. A great song that Middle Man has learned how to play on the piano. It’s such a warms-the-cockles rag-time melody!

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