LOAD220 Day 16 Natalie Schmidt – My Friendship with Allana Gowan

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 16 – My Friendship with Allana Gowan
    As we’ve been up in Orillia celebrating Family Day at my Brother’s with a tobogganing party yesterday and a sleep over for the cousins until today, I’m a bit short on time, so I’m sticking with my older photos and documenting older friends rather than moving back to the present/changing gears too much to be on prompt (what’s your favourite sport/game?). No worries on this end! Tomorrow is another day, and perhaps I’ll be on-prompt then. I’ll have to wait to see what the prompt is, and feel which way the wind is blowin’. 😉

    Journalling reads: Allana Gowan was one of my very first childhood friends. So early began our friendship that I cannot remember how we first met: whether it was around the neighbourhood (she just lived up one street & around the corner from us, at the intersection of Couchiching Point Road & Moberley Crescent), before preschool at the Library, or at some Mom & Baby group. It was definitely before Kindergarten! Allana was just a bit older than me (her birthday is January 17th), has an older Sister, Jennifer, & had a blonde Siberian Husky named Nicky. We loved hanging out with one another (including Shona Weldon in our little trio until her family moved away to Midland after Kindergarten), riding our bikes around the neighbourhood, swimming & trick or treating together, & playing at one another’s houses. Allana was a very shy young lady & she had a beautiful smile. She had a great sense of humour & I remember laughing tonnes together. Crista moved onto Allana’s street, up towards my house the year before the Gowan family moved away to live in Niagara Falls (ON), so we loved hanging out as a trio, too. While she lived around the corner, Allana came to all of my childhood birthdays. And after she moved, our Mothers made every effort to help us not to lose touch & to visit whenever possible. I remember travelling to Allana’s home in Niagara Falls with Shona (Shona’s parent drove us) for three nights. We made fruit smoothies, played tourist on Clifton Hill, & had a blast during our reunion. From the photos on the right, I can tell that Allana visited & stayed with us at 681 in 1985, 1987, & 1988, & I visited her at her Huntsville cottage in 1988. After we began high school, we wrote some letters back & forth, but we sadly eventually lost touch. Just before I ‘broke up’ with facebook, I found Allana & we exchanged a few messages. Someday, I’d love to reconnect with my dear friend & hear all about the adventures she’s experienced since 1988.

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    1. Thanks, Janet! The floral swirl at the top really finished it off for me, as the journalling and photos had really made the LO bottom-heavy for me.

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