LOAD220 Day 17 Natalie Schmidt 1984 Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 17 – 1984 Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival
    Thanks so much for looking. Smitten with today’s technique prompt: I love having an opportunity to use stars and gold – gold stars for the win! I’ll record today’s story prompt on my Trello board to scrap in the future.

    Journalling reads: 1984 was a great year for me at the Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival! I placed 3rd for ‘Piggy Bank’ (which I can still sing: “Clink! Clank! Piggy bank, hungry all the time. Clink! Clank! Piggy Bank, I’m so glad you’re mine”) plus Cathy Travis & I earned 1st Place for our duet, “Sailor’s Song”. I loved playing with Cathy, & I remember practising every week like mad for ≥2 months before we played & took home our trophies. This was the last year that I entered Kiwanis with a duet partner & it was also most likely the last time I got up to play with a smidgen of confidence. Stage fright set in, & despite still choosing empowering Anne of Green Gables-inspired dresses to wear to perform, (I allowed) my nerves got the better of me from then on. Kiwanis became a dreaded obligation rather than a desirable experience.

    Template credit: Connie Prince – Growing Up 80’s template 1

    1. Thanks, Laura. It was definitely a fun walk down memory lane. Now I need to scrap about my Royal Conservatory Music examinations, plus my dance (ballet, tap, and jazz) and synchronised swimming days. 😉

    1. Thanks! After I’d posted this, I came across a close-up of the trophy Kyle had taken back in 2005 when I’d gotten rid of the hardware/my bulky memorabilia bits after taking their photographs, so I’ve since update the LO to include that photo, too. I’m having a blast!

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