LOAD220 Day 18 Natalie Schmidt Tap Dancing at JMC Dance Company

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 18 – My Years Tap Dancing in the JMC Dance Company

    Thanks so much for looking. I’m completely off-prompt again today, and it’s no secret that these dance costumes were as hideous as my Mom’s Bridesmaids’ dresses! 😉

    Journalling reads: Crista & I were excited about joining the Janet McClintock (JMC) Dance Studio to take tap dancing lessons. Our first year (the 1985/1986 academic year) we were teamed up with Tamara & Krista Madill (daughters of one of Mom’s ICU nursing colleagues) to a tap dance routine to the title number from the 1979 musical ‘They’re Playing Our Song’. The song wasn’t cool or trendy like the older girls’ assigned jazz (Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, Flashdance’s theme Song by Irene Cara ‘What A Feeling’, & Kenny Loggins’ ‘Footloose’) or ballet (Enya’s ‘Orinoco Flow/Sail Away’) musical numbers. But worse than the track was the horrid Pepto Bismol pink bodices with white half-skirts & floppy collars, topped off with a pork pie ‘straw’ (Styrofoam) hat with a wide black ribbon band. Shudder! The group photos to the right were taken during our finale number: ‘We Are the World’. The following year, we snagged a much better song for our tap number – The Pointer Sisters’ ‘Jump! (For My Love)’ but the costumes were still as expensive & cringe-worthy: maroon bodices with lime green sequins & long fringe along the top of the bodice. I remember Janet telling me off for my visible panty line both years. She wasn’t pleased & couldn’t understand why I just couldn’t ‘go commando’. I just had to try to retain a small shred of my dignity in *that* costume!

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    1. Thanks so much, Marlo! I’ll be documenting more stories about piano lessons and examinations plus synchronised swimming sometime soon, too.

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