LOAD220 Day 8 Natalie Schmidt – My Pepto Bismol Pink Bedroom

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 8 – My Pepto Bismol Pink Bedroom
    Thanks so much for looking! I’m creating completely off-prompt today. Working on a page from my ‘Places I’ve called home’ album (it’s new!) and beginning with my childhood bedroom. I lived in the same house from birth until I moved away to school when I was 18 (remember: I was the kid who despised and feared change so this living in a single house during my entire childhood was just great by me).

    Journalling reads: My childhood bedroom was *huge* (16’ x 20’) & its floor was covered with in a nubbly moss green carpet. I had a 3/4 size bed which I shared with a huge stuffed polar bear (we Canadian girls sleep with polar bears – not just teddy bears). I continued to sleep with him even after my Brother irreversibly painted his face with olive green oil paint. I had a tall chest of drawers and (at first) used a folding TV tray as my night table stand for my nightly glass of water and my lamp. My Mom chose my first memorable decor as white and candy pink stripes beneath the white wainscoting, and creepy porcelain dolls up top (yes, creepy!). As I slept much better in absolute darkness, I had both a thick roller blind with a fringed, scallopped edge, and heavy curtains. Below the window existed the heating vent (at first our home was heated with oil, but was then updated to forced-air gas when I was older) through which my Brother and I would whisper talk to one another after bedtime if we were worried, awake early on Christmas morning, or just couldn’t sleep. The odd time in the Summer, we’d each crawl out of our bedroom windows in the evenings & spend time together on the small roof over the garages. I was fortunate to have a large closet, but I was frustrated that could never sneakily open its bi-fold door to try on my Mom’s wedding veil/dress or other special occasion dresses or shoes which were stored in there, or access my shoe boxes filled with memorabilia & my extra books when ‘it wasn’t reading time’, so I usually left it open. When I became school aged, I received a tawny-coloured student’s desk and chair (I stored my experimental shadflies & my rocks & minerals collection, ‘hid’ numerous apple cores within the desk drawers). Once I was a teen, I requested the decor be changed to a powder blue colour scheme & no longer featured creepy dolls. I’ve never been a pink-loving girl, & my childhood bedroom decor could be one of the reasons for this. Mom had chosen the single piece of artwork that hung on the shared interior wall for the majority of my residency (a pastel exterior winter drawing with a pale pink matte featuring a group of school girls wearing hand muffs & fluffy hats standing in a circle together). The master bedroom side of that shared wall hosted my parents’ TV atop of their tall chest of drawers. Completely opposite to my personal preference for complete darkness & silence required for sleeping, my Dad chose to always have their TV blasting (their bed was on the opposite side to the TV, and they always had a fan running at the third vertex of that triangle) in order to fall asleep (& left on all night when Mom was working the night shift as she’d be the only one waking up & turning it off during the night). Dad also snored terribly. Needless to say, the noise coming from their bedroom kept me awake many nights & was the source of many arguments & tears. I had a white ribbed metal laundry hamper with a cushion on its flip top. As a tween (inspired by Nancy Felton), I decorated the back of my door with collages made from fashion magazines. For the most part, I felt safe in my bedroom (although sometimes I’d wished my door had a lock on it like the bathrooms & my parents’ bedroom door did). My parents never converted my room to something else (like a den or office) when I left home – it remained a guest room. They updated its floor from carpet to hardwood when they renovated the entirety of the upstairs floor coverings (except the bathrooms). I always had a place to stay & come home to, & even when my family expanded, we always felt welcome.

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  2. Love the story and the 2 page spread. I had a pepto bismol pink bedroom when I was a teenager, all pink and white and frilly and fluffy! I loved it.

    1. Jean, I’m so glad that you loved yours. I’ve never been a huge pink fan (I’m a denim and daisies sort of gal) and you can definitely tell throughout my photographic journey that when I was old enough to have a say in my own clothing choices, the number of pink items drastically reduced. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! It’s funny that I have more of my friends taken in my bedroom than I do of myself, but I’ve got enough to show the details and items how I remember them, so that’s decent enough.

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