LOAD520 Day 11 Natalie Schmidt – A Morning in My Life

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    Day 11: A Morning in My Life
    I’m definitely on prompt today. However, anyone who knows me even the littlest bit will not be surprised that I had too many photos to make a single page about my day, so I opted to make a page highlighting our current morning routine. And even then, I worked hard to fit all 11 photos onto the single page. Note: we do eat, but there just wasn’t the space for it to be photographed. 😉 I wanted to scrap the differences that are going on these days/currently as opposed to documenting every single detail and/or what remains the same.

    Journalling reads: (from top left to bottom right, travelling left to right by rows):
    Dylan has claimed the kitchen table as his ‘school desk’. His work is assigned daily each AM. He has Gr 10 Eng, & Gr 9 Music, Math, & French this Semester.

    Magically, even though I’d caught up on my laundry duties over the weekend, there’s usually a full load to be done Monday morning. How frustrating!

    I enjoy hot cups of tea made with hot water, lemon & ginger in the mornings. It’s a great way to get my hydration & digestion started for the day!

    Hunter has chosen our bedroom as his quiet workspace. His workload is assigned each Monday & he chooses what he does each day of the school week.

    When I’m not on the phone with Drs or pharmacists, I can be found learning, planning, scrapping, cheering others & paying bills on my computer.

    My Weekly Accountability Meeting (WAM) with Alice Boll to get my weekly goals set!

    These are just my AM meds & supplements. Of note are alternate day vitamin B12 IM injections & 30,000 IU vitamin D3 daily.

    A quick later-AM Google chat with Jacob, who’s still living on McDonalds’ farm.

    We still need to monitor my BP & temp daily, so Kyle takes measurements each AM at 6:30 AM upon waking.

    Kyle works surrounded by his books in his library. His hours & salary have been cut to 75% as a result of the pandemic.

    Language learning lessons & practice. I’m currently studying French & Spanish.

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