LOAD520 Day 12 Natalie Schmidt – Books I Read in March 2020

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    Day 12 – Books I Read in March 2020

    Today I created another page for my ‘Books I Read in 2020’ mini album. One of my 2020 Goals is to read more – I was once such a voracious reader, and I want to make time for that hobby again in my life. I’m making a page for each month detailing the books which I got at least 3 chapters into. There have been some books I’ve begun that haven’t made the cut. I’ve decided that, even with all of the ‘extra time at home’ right now, life is still too short to read a book I’m not enjoying, so I’ve actually stopped reading 3 books, which has been a first for me. Normally, I’d have felt a sense of obligation about it, but I feel guilt no more. How freeing!

    Journalling reads: While March is said to be 2 drastically different animals during a regular year (comes in like a ‘lion’ & out like a ‘lamb’) no March in my history had ever been so dichotomous as that of 2020. We were just living our normal, everyday lives when the Coronavirus 2019 global pandemic was declared on March 11th. Schools didn’t reopen after March Break & Jacob remained living at the McDonalds’ farm since he wasn’t required to attend school. We were recommended to self-isolate & only leave our homes for groceries, & health care needs (like seeing a doctor or picking up prescriptions). I found myself unable to stay focused upon any paper (physical) book, so I used Libby to listen to audiobooks, turning to humorous titles rather than my recent nonfiction trend. Kyle & I appreciated the levity & raucous storytelling of J Lawson.

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  2. I have a couple of those books on my TBR shelf! Great documentation. You read a lot in one month.

  3. Your journaling is spot on! I had trouble focusing back in March too and I use Libby every day! Perfect book themed papers!

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