LOAD520 Day 13 Natalie Schmidt – What I Read in February 2020

Natalie Schmidt

4 thoughts on “LOAD520 Day 13 Natalie Schmidt – What I Read in February 2020”

  1. Natalie Schmidt

    Day 13 – off-prompt, but I wanted to fill in the gap I’d unintentionally created in my ‘What I Read in 2020’ album by posting my January summary back in Feb-2020 during LOAD220 and posting my March summary here yesterday. So, further further ado, here’s my February summary. Thanks so much for looking!

    Journalling reads: I’ve really become smitten with Libby (the online Library app) for the availability of audio books! I’m finding that with my foggy brain, I can make more progress with books that way. I can then ‘read’ while cooking, doing dishes & folding laundry. Listening to an audio book before bed helps me to relax. Dylan read The Giver at school last year. I quite enjoyed being able to discuss it with him.

    Template credit: Brooke Magee – Celebrate Facebook freebie template
    (note: I’m using the same template for all of the months, to help retain cohesion and flow throughout the minibook)

  2. I like your choice of letters for start, finish etc. Great idea to continue with the same style throughout your pages for all your books.

    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Thanks, Betcei. It’s the first time I’m trying something like this. Usually, I can’t colour within the lines and want to change out the template every new page. It’s a challenge for me to stick with one thing/design like this.

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