LOAD520 Day 14 Natalie Schmidt – Not Meant to Go to Greece

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 14 – I May Have a Ticket to Ride, But I’m Not Going Anywhere!

    Journalling reads: Crista has always dreamed of going to Greece – it’s been a destination on her Bucket List forever! In fact, the two of us tried to get to Greece via Madame Mudry’s ‘French Club’ trip in high school, but shortly after planning our trip, it was cancelled due to political unrest (Cypress). Fast forward 3 decades, and Crista plans for us to travel to Greece again (this time, we’d be taking Kyle, James, and their friends, Craig and Caroline). Crista found us an amazing villa in which to stay for a week in Rhodes via airbnb (pictured above), called Lucia’s Secret Garden. She also managed to rent us an apartment for the couple of nights we were staying in Athens to see the main sites before heading to Rhodes. We were *so* excited! We booked our airfares at the end of January to depart Toronto the 3rd week in May. And mid-March, the global pandemic of COVID-19 was proclaimed, and I knew it was all over. We weren’t getting to Greece after all. Such a bummer! When I asked Crista whether or not we’d try for a 3rd time, she said ‘no’. I know many people had 2020 travel plans that aren’t going to happen. I’d be very surprised, in fact if non-essential international travel was not permitted again until at least November. I hope it’s Crista’s only dream left unrealised.

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    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Oops! I noticed that I spelt the country like the tree. I’ll revise that spelling prior to printing.

      1. I hope you get to Greece sometime! This virus has thwarted so many plans. As usual, I love your page!

  2. I’m so sorry. All the plans that have been canceled or rescheduled (include my friends wedding in June) are devastating to so many! I hope you have a good summer and make it on a trip someday!

  3. So sad about the traveling. I feel your pain. I’m not sure when I will feel comfortable with air travel again. Love your page.

  4. So sad about travelling dreams… I turned 50 last year and my number one bucket list was Greece so I completely understand how exciting it was anticipation! After 4 kids and limited time and funds and all adults now we had set to go to Portugal and Spain this year to no avail. I hope 3 times the charm for Christa and keep dreaming and hoping you will see the Grecian sunsets!

  5. I love your title! I’m sorry your trip had to be cancelled. You do such a great job telling stories on your layouts.

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