LOAD520 Day 15 Natalie Schmidt – Staying Connected During COVID-19

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 15 – Eleanor Rigby – All the Lonely People/Blue

    While I’m on prompt, I’m not completely excited about this page. I may revisit it prior to printing.

    Journalling reads: While we’re under social distancing orders, I’ve never before felt so social and connected as I have the past two months. Despite staying away from Facebook (I’m never wanting to return to that life), I’m using more virtual conferencing and chatting software applications than I’ve ever used before. While I had already been comfortable using Zoom prior to the pandemic (we’d been meeting to crop online with my two scrapbook communities for the past 2 years) I’d needed to learn other programs, like Discord and GoToMeeting. There were others that I’d used a little pre-COVID-19 and now am using all of the time, like WhatsApp (to converse with Crista, James, and Toni), Google chat to speak with Jacob, and Voxer (to communicate with Scott and Carrie).
    I love to (almost instantly) share thoughts and pics and comments with my colleagues, scrappy sisters, friends and family members! While I don’t love video chatting all of the time, I’m getting more comfortable with the concept.
    I know that many people are feeling very isolated during these unprecedented times. I’m so grateful to have these various ways of keeping connected with the people I care about, and even get to interact with them face-to-face (albeit virtually): to see their smiles and feel their laughter. That way, I can see their body language and verify that they are indeed doing OK.

    Template credit: WM Squared Designs – By Heidi Volume 2, Template4

  2. Great layout!!! Technology is such a blessing to keep in touch with family & friends when you can’t be physically together.

  3. That’s so kool, the way it all came together on the page. I too, am comfortable and a bit knowledgeable about the social media platforms, have been using them and am still learning about more of them ( like HOUSEPARTY and BLUE Jeans used by the Girl Scouts). But I fear that some folks are still being left out because they need someone to show them how to log on,even. We want to include everyone, right. Slowly but surely we will get it together. AND WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. Reminds me of the LOVEBUG scene where Michelle Lee is locked in the Love Bug and Herby won’t release her; she shouts out the window, ” Help, I’m a prisoner!” and a Hippee biker replies “We’re all prisoners, Chicky Baby.”

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