LOAD520 Day 16 Natalie Schmidt – Stawberry Fields

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    A simple pocket-like/grid page today. It’ll most likely have a companion page when I get another moment to scrap, as I’ve more photos from that day.

    It made me so happy to relive these ‘good old days’ where everywhere we went together we represented 6 countries: Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, and the United States. I miss my group of Expat friends I made in France, as I know my kids miss their kids, too!

    Journalling reads: We carpooled our group of 6 Moms/Mums & 11 kids over to the cueillette straight after both schools let out for the afternoon. Present that afternoon were:
    – Carine Capitolo & her 3 kids: Gabriel, Giuliano, & Chloe (France)
    – Sharon Rea & her Son Daniel & Daughter, Holly – Collette Bradley & her Son, Sean May (England)
    – Angelia Darnborough & her Son, Peter Grant (USA)
    – Myself & my 2 Elder Sons (Canada), and
    – Ana Young & her 2 Sons: Jordan & Louie (Australia)
    The kids all picked up a punnet & made their way in changeable groups though the aisles of elevated strawberry plants. The raised beds made it so much easier to pick the berries! Dylan savoured eating his way through the aisles!

    Template credit: Amber LaBau – Story Grids volume 7, template 1

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