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Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 18 – Help!/With A Little Help from my Friends
    Today’s prompt seemed to be as good as any to create the companion page for the page I created & posted about ‘My Handsome Fellers’ on punny Day 7. Hunter was eager to HELP his Dad to fell the blue spruce and to work on clearing up the tree-bris (said like debris, but with ‘tree’ rather than ‘de’ because that’s punnier!) together.

    Journalling reads: When the boys got down to its roots, they discovered that the wire basket that had originally constrained the root ball when it was first planted had only been cut/released on one side of the root ball, so the tree had grown strangled on the one side, not being able to take root. Such a sad occurrence! Hunter offered to help out & my two lumberjacks took only a few hours & 13 yard waste bags to clear the tree. Such a good job raking, in fact, that it looks as if there was never a tree.

    Template credit: Aprilisa – Picture Perfect set 51 template 1

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