LOAD520 Day 20 Natalie Schmidt – No ProbLlama

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    Day 20 – No Probllama

    Today’s prompts were inspired by Ringo Starr and the song ‘Octopus’s Garden. However, I don’t have any gardening photos to scrap at the moment, so I decided, since Ringo was ‘the funny one’, I decided to go ‘prompt adjacent’ and document a funny story that happened over this past weekend. After all, this is most likely the only opportunity I’ll have to use the freebies I’d acquired featuring llamas/alpacas. Remember how they were such a *huge* scrapbooking fad a few years ago?!

    Journalling reads: The McDonalds have a hobby farm: E-I-E-I-O. And on their farm, they had some chicks, ducks, turkey pullets, beef cows, a donkey, and an alpaca. Just recently, they acquired a (Holstein) milking cow, as the rest of their herd was meant to be for beef. However, they’d first need to get her pregnant before they could expect milk from her. None of their animals were pregnant at that moment – or so they thought! Alpaca had come from the same farm as donkey, but she had never been a social creature, & was, to kindly put it, more than a little cranky. Jacob said that whenever he approached her, she’d spit at him. Not even donkey socialised with her when it had the choice. She was a bully!

    Well, it could very well have been pregnancy hormones that we making her cross because lo & behold on May 17th Chris saw Alpaca go to the far end of the field by the road & when he looked again, he saw a baby walking there, alongside her! According to Jacob: “Chris then carried the baby back to the stables, & that’s where I saw it & ran out. Donkey was really excited about the baby’s arrival. She was acting like its Aunt. Donkey kept calling for Alpaca from the other end of the stable. We tried to get the baby to nurse but Alpaca wasn’t making any milk, so Chris & I went to the store to get a bottle & some lamb colostrum formula. By that time, it was nursing though, so we watched over it until nightfall. We put her in Tara’s plant room because that room had heaters for the ducks, cat & plants. Then I spent time with the Alpaca & her baby”, snuggling & petting them.

    Template credit: Simple Scrapper Membership Template #292

  2. Love this! What a sweet, sweet story. Who knew? My youngest daughter (who is 48) is obsessed with llamas so I’ll have to make sure and show her your layout – she’ll love it too!

  3. I love your word pun, your reference to a children’s song and your very detailed journaling – this layout is all about the story yet still has great photos

  4. Natalie Schmidt

    Sadly, I received the news that Cria past away this morning in Chris’ arms around 4 AM. Failure to thrive, and it seems she was born prematurely. We’re very saddened, but farm life is definitely death as much as it’s life. Jacob’s gutted, though.

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