LOAD520 Day 21 Natalie Schmidt – Snowbirds Mother’s Day Flypast – The Good

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    Helter Skelter – Something Unexpected & Metal

    So I must be honest with you: this layout indeed has three levels of unexpectedness and spans the spectrum of exhilarating joy to tragedy. I’ve started out by posting ‘the Good’ and will continue to scrap ‘the Bad’, and ‘the Ugly’ companion pages to this 2-page spread.

    This LO documents the joy of the unexpected surprise of our Air Force’s aerobatic jet demonstration team, the Snowbirds (like the US’ Blue Angels and the UK’s Red Arrows) deciding to tour the nation to increase morale during these unprecedented and isolation times of the global pandemic. I’ve always been thrilled to have the opportunity to see the Snowbirds fly overhead, and I’ve planned at least some of our past Summer family outings in order to see them at least once per season. This year, with the uncertainty of everything, I wasn’t sure we’d get to see them at all in 2020, so when they announced their ‘Operation Inspiration’, my heart leapt with joy! I don’t know what it is about seeing them fly overhead, but it gets me all nostalgic and patriotic to my very core, and I usually end up weeping. I’m eternally grateful to the Snowbirds team for providing us few moments of joy, inspiration, and hope during these difficult times.

    Journalling: I’d been SO very excited for the Snowbirds’ Nationwide Flypast ever since I heard about their amazingly thoughtful ‘Operation Inspiration’.
    I’ve always been very patriotic, regardless of our Country of Residence. When I get the chance to don my red & wave my flag, I become an even crazier Canuck!
    They were flying over our entire Nation to express their gratitude for everything that we Canadians were doing to combat the spread of COVID-19.
    I got all decked out in my Canuck wear (including my Canada Strong leggings, 2 VandenBos RCACS Staff shirt, and my ‘Fly Girl’ red lippy) & proudly waved our Canadian flag. I heard honks of support from passersby along the 401!
    Unfortunately, the visibility & weather around Oshawa & Toronto weren’t great, so the team needed to head back to Trenton & delay their flypast for 24 hours – until Mother’s Day.
    I’d been responsible for updating the Squadron’s Instagram account & was thrilled to help spread the word of this inspirational event to friends & family by text as well!

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  2. Great pages! We were so happy the snowbirds changed their flight pattern to include out city on May 16th. I agree it is inspiring and I am always in awe when the fly. Hubby has taken my to air shows and I have been fortunate to see them. I was just devastated to read about the accident in Kamloops. My heart goes out to all Canadians, I hope we get through this♥️🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. our stories are always 3 folds… the joy and the tragedy all in one but telling all are important no matter how difficult. Beautiful layout !

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