LOAD520 Day 22 Natalie Schmidt – Snowbirds Mother’s Day Flypast – The Bad

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 22 – Snowbirds’ Mother’s Day Flypast – the Bad

    Today, I’m off-prompt because I chose to continue scrapping the companion pages for the Snowbirds recent flypast during their Operation Inspiration. While I created this page today, I journalled it as if I had written it up on that day, or at least prior to the following Sunday. Given what happened the following Sunday, this voice of frustration here in this LO makes me feel ashamed, but I wanted to capture it all as it played out. My scrapbooks are going to tell how things really happened, not being modified or revised for social media use or the like.

    While yesterday’s LO was all sunshine and roses, today’s gives you a little bit better feeling of what went on personally that day. I neglected to scrap the bits detailing what a crappy Mother’s Day it was (the boys didn’t acknowledge it or me in any way), which was only compounded by the fact that I was PMSing in a *huge* way. The boys were so grumpy about needing to spend time away from their screens *again* but I pulled the Mother’s Day card, saying that on Mother’s Day, we do one activity that Mother wants to do, and this was mine.

    And now that this one is documented, I’m needing to scrap about ‘The Ugly’, which I’ve been putting off for a while now, but it needs to be journalled now, while the grief is fresh in my mind and heart.

    Journalling reads: We got ready & drove down to South Whitby (it was our 1st family outing since mid- March) & got a great line of sight for the publicised Snowbirds flypast route. We checked their Twitter account for updates: they took off on-time. However, they only got as far as Cobourg. We found out about 15 minutes after we were expecting them to zoom past. We’ve been enduring a colder Spring than usual & Mother Nature has been making the quarantine period of 2020 even less enjoyable by keeping outdoor temperatures cold enough for snow in May – & not just once like in 1974, either! The Snowbirds ran into a wall of fog, snow & hail & were forced to turn around to Trenton. We understood, as the Snowbirds’ safety was of paramount importance to us. The following AM, despite it being Mother’s Day, the boys were grumpy about leaving their computers *again*. The jets’ route strayed from their published one & we most likely would’ve enjoyed a better view from staying at home. I was feeling a tad bit deflated, which was only augmented by hearing that the CNE was cancelled for 2020 (the 1st time since WWII), so we won’t see the Snowbirds in September, either. I felt fortunate to have seen them at all, & I’m grateful for what they’re doing for all of Canada. Thank you, Snowbirds!

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  2. I managed to miss them completely even though I was outside at the right time. I like your map of Canada on the maple leaf.

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