LOAD520 Day 24 Natalie Schmidt – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – DIY Haricut

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 24 – Sargeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Prompt adjacent today with the ‘before and after’ idea.

    Journalling reads: The Schmidt Family’s self-induced quarantine began on the afternoon of March 14th. Conveniently, I’d had my hair coloured & cut just that morning by Joe, as Hair At Windfields hadn’t yet closed. Kyle & the boys need theirs cut much more frequently than I do. I can normally wait 8 weeks between cuts, while they usually need a trim every month: especially Dylan, for whom Air Cadets’ regulations are quite strict about hair not touching the ears or collar. Hunter hadn’t been for a cut for quite a while & was beginning to resemble a Monchhichi. Kyle stepped up as his new barber/hairstylist, as we had the tools at home. The set of multi-levelled clippers fit onto Jacob’s old electric razor. Although I didn’t doubt that Kyle would do a great job (he does an awesome job of anything he attempts!) I did wonder how he knew what to do.

    Kyle said, “You spend your hair appointments talking with your stylist, while I’m not one for much idle chit-chat, so I watch what my barber is doing. My hair isn’t complicated & I’m sure I’ll be able to cut the boys’ hair.” I was thrilled, as the pandemic made access to haircuts feel as elusive & coveted as toilet paper & Lysol wipes.

    And so, it came to pass that Kyle cut Hunter’s hair in April & his own just this past week. Hunter’s actually already needs to be done again, as it’s growing like a weed, just like the rest of his body! Kyle learned that Dianne had cut Bob’s hair the other day, too. Perhaps they both missed their callings!

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