LOAD520 Day 5 Natalie Schmidt – It’s My Birthday Too – Yeah

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Natalie Schmidt

    LOAD520 Day 5 – Birthday

    Well, today I’m on prompt – and to be honest, it would’ve been hard to not be, as it *is* my birthday today. 😉 When Alice let me know that her successful LOAD formula includes a birthday/party/celebration prompt, we immediately knew which song we wanted to use and I suggested which day in May we should use it on – Cinco de Mayo, of course! – so that I could volunteer to be that day’s ‘featured designer’. 😉

    Journalling reads:
    In 17 days, on the day that this page will be revealed within LOAD520: Abbey LOAD community, it’ll be the day that marks my 46th complete trip around the sun. While not a milestone birthday number-wise, it’ll definitely be one that I’ll most likely to recall, given that this will be the birthday I’ll be spending in quarantine, given the current COVID-19 pandemic & its ‘physical distancing’ & ‘stay at home’ health mandates.

    In the past few years, given the concerns of cross-contamination & the restrictiveness of my anti-inflammatory diet, I’ve not had the confidence to eat out much, so it’s not as if I’ll miss out eating my birthday dinner at a restaurant. Likewise, I will not be lamenting my once-traditional devouring of an ice cream cake for my birthday because I no longer consume dairy products. For the past few of my birthday celebrations, I’ve really savoured blowing out my candles from the top of my ‘birthday steak’, prepared for me by my loving Husband. So, there’ll be no sadness over the possible food or drink ‘missed experiences.

    In fact, none of my favourite birthday activities will be negatively impacted by the ‘shelter in place’ initiatives. The online annual celebration of National Scrapbooking Day will continue, & perhaps even offer more heavily-discounted crazy deals, since the designers will understand that many people have taken advantage of this time at home to get crafty & use up their product stashes & will be looking for more/new inspiration. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate so that I’ll be able to enjoy at least one outdoor walk (one for exercise with Kyle, & a second one done en seule as a nature/photo walk). I’m certain that my Boys will spend some time with me on my special day, playing board games, card games, or watching one of my favourite films with me. Most likely, Kyle will prepare, cook, & serve all of my meals for me, spoiling me like a Queen. And, of course, I’ll spend time scrapbooking to create a new layout for my LOAD520 participation. I’m going to have a great day!

    There’s even a silver lining about the timing of the pandemic related to my birthday: there won’t be any activities, events, or appointments to which I’ll need to drive the boys and/or myself (originally, being a Tuesday, my day would’ve required the 2-way school commute & needing to attend Cadet Band Practice). My birthday can now be entirely spent at home & dedicated to doing things I love to do. It’s this introvert’s dream!

    Every year on my special day, I love to play The Beatles’ song ‘Birthday’ for myself, and I’ll be keeping up with that tradition as well. What’s cool is that a number of my ScrapHappy Sisters will be thinking of it along with me. Cheers to many more (healthier) trips for us all around the sun, creating, laughing, & spending time together, virtually or in-person.

    ‘They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah! We’re gonna have a good time!’

    Template credit: WM Squared Designs – By Heidi J version 2 – template 3

  2. Shala Knowles

    Happy birthday! It’s my daughter’s birthday today, too. Great journaling on your page.

    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Happiest of birthdays to your Daughter, Shala! I think it’s a great day to celebrate being born, but I could be biased. 😉

  3. Awe! Happy birthday! I celebrate my 46th in March…the day before the world stopped! At least that is how I’m going to document it when I get time to. I love what you did with the memes across the top. Very cool page!

    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Thanks so much, @Meganbert! Yes, my Brother celebrated that same day back in March. Weird times!

    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Thanks so much, Claire! I really like how the various title parts came together. The fact that the balloons were included with the one part was ‘the icing on my cake’. 😉

    1. Natalie Schmidt

      Thanks very much, Vickie! I’m glad that you liked my page and hope that you found it to inspirational for your own page today. Cheers!

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