Coming Soon – October LOAD

Hey Sistahs!  It’s Leslie and Lynnette and we’re here to get pre-registration rolling for October LOAD. Yes, it’s only August, but we want you to have ample time to prepare yourself for our month-long semester!

This year’s theme will be….(drumroll, please!)

pennantpicWe will be using the classic school yearbook as a springboard to inspire the prompts that will spark your pages & stories. These open-ended, super flexible prompts will be a way to scrap the pages that are important to you, so don’t worry if you don’t have school photos, or they are in your parent’s attic, or you didn’t have a high school yearbook.

Go to the head of the class and sign up in our Flickr group here:

All currently enrolled ScrapHappy members are welcome!

The summer school curriculum is a pre-LOAD photo contest, as well as discussions on gathering up your school supplies (aka scrappy supplies), recipes for your lunchbox (quick meal ideas to prepare during LOAD), and the traditional “Number of Sleeps Until LOAD” countdown.

Keep up with all of the ScrapHappy discussions on flickr and in the private Facebook group & get to know your classmates better.  If you are currently not a part of the Facebook group, contact for an invite.

More information about the class syllabus (the theme) and code of conduct (the logistics of LOAD) will be posted in September!

Looking forward to scrapping with you! Class dismissed 🙂





12 thoughts on “Coming Soon – October LOAD”

  1. Sara Butterworth Connell

    Woo Hoo!! Love this theme! And I can’t wait to dive back into scrapping (and taking a step toward getting “caught up”)!

  2. I am so excited. I LOVE that you two will be leading the way. The Dynamic Duo rides again. Can’t wait. Much to scrap.

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