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Nikki Kann

Yes! I’ve been reading the books since they were first was published.(1996?) I believe I was 25 years old. We had a book club and one friend who liked fantasy/sci-fi as much as I did, suggested it. I couldn’t put it down. I was a Potterhead from the get-go. This was 5 years before I had kids. I’ve since read all 7 books multiple times and watched the movies in theaters & own the dvds. I’m so enthralled, I even bought the tapes and/or CD audiobooks of every book so I could listen on the 40 min drive to work back then. I’m nuts. Lol. Once I had kids, I would read HP to them when they were toddlers. My now 18 yo DD wasn’t a big reader, so she liked the movies much more than the books. My now 14 yo son who could read at age 3, started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone by himself at age 5 and gradually read them all before the age of 12. My son and I also loved playing the Lego Harry Potter Wii game together and finished all the years. Both kids had Harry Potter birthday parties that I happily planned in great detail. We have been to the theme park twice (but only saw one side each time.) One year Ethan dressed as Harry in his Quidditch robe, Elyse was Luna Lovegood and many years later I dressed as a Ravenclaw student. Yes! The sorting hat would put me in Ravenclaw. Lol. For both my birthday and Christmas this year, I received some more HP gifts. My favorite was that my hubby and son made us an HP dinner (roasted Cornish hens, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies) with pumpkin pasties for dessert! We played HP trivia afterwards!