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Tori Bissell

YES YES YES. I love Harry Potter sooooo much. I remember back to 4th grade when my teacher read book 1 and 2 to us. I was hooked. At first my parents (conservative christians) weren’t really happy with the idea of it but once they read the books they realized they were pretty harmless. As each book came out I would read the whole series again from the start. In 12th grade I read all of the books in one week…I just couldn’t put them down. I love the movies too but the books have my heart. I told Alice when I signed up for LOAD I was going to listen to the audio books and I’m already on book 2. I listen while I scrap and I LOVE IT. The audio books take it to a whole other dimension…and I havent read the books in a long time…it’s nice to come back to my first love.