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Shirley Martin

I cannot express how much this LOAD has meant to me so far! After our home flooded in 2016, I lost about half of my scrapbooking supplies. When we renovated our home, I just put all of my supplies back on shelves without really knowing what I have or where they are located. Because it is so difficult for me to find everything, I have done very little scrapping in the fast four years.

So as I have been going through the layouts on LOAD every day, it has made me realize that if I am to really get back into scrapbooking, the first thing I’m going to have to do come March 1 is reorganize my room (see what I have, purge what I no longer love — most of my supplies predate August 2016, and organize what I have left in the way in which I look for supplies. Watching Janet’s RTS Scrapbooking videos (YouTube and now Patreon) this past year has really given me fantastic ideas on how I look for supplies when I’m ready to scrap and how I could organize/store them.

So LOAD has really helped me! As I’m going through each step of creating a layout, I pause and reflect “what can I do in this step to help me streamline this process”? For example: Finding photos (answer: tagging in LR), finding layout inspiration (answer: Use Pinterest to organize layouts by number and size of photos), finding papers (answer: organize by color and/or theme)…

I know this is long, and I apologize in advance. But I am just so excited at rediscovering my joy of creating layouts and documenting my stories! Thank you!