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Alice Boll

Thank you for all of the support! Here are a few notes:

My tech guy is an actual tech guy… not my husband, although he does help me figure out a few things. (My husband does film and edit/upload ALL of my Creativation videos… so I’m so appreciative of his support!)

We waited to release this new gallery format until we had the search function resolved. Now… AS LONG AS YOU USE THE NAMING FORMAT… you can find layouts, and friend’s layouts! I also insisted that we needed the number of comments to display so we could be sure to share the love.

Claire, I’ll keep looking into the rotation issue! ***TIPS: When you take your photo if you prop your layout up, and don’t tip your phone as much, your image is more likely to upload correctly. *Phones have a gyro that tells them the orientation you are holding your phone, and this info is part of the camera function, and then part of the image data.
But… I still do want to make it possible to rotate!

I’m so glad everyone seems to be enjoying the prompts. Don’t forget… the goal of LOAD is to scrap a layout a day. The prompts are there for guidance, but you are not required to use them. Most of all, be creative and have fun!