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    I’m getting old and even though I have my reading glasses on I still can’t read everyone’s journaling. Sometimes the STORY is the BEST part of the LO. Hey Mr. Techie Guy. Will you add a magnifying glass so I can zoom in and out? It’s vital to my happiness in LOAD.

    Claire Cummings

    Agreed. I wonder if there’s a way to know if someone has replied on a comment, too? I don’t think so but I’m replying to comments!


    These. Two functions would be great. Zoom and notification of comments! I totally appreciate the changes and improvemnets so far and each little thing adds to my enjoyment of the LOAD experience!


    Yes, I agree with these two ideas. I also understand how time-consuming adding each one of these additional perks is, so I can be patient. In the meantime, maybe we can start posting our small journaling in the comments.


    Or rather than soom, it might be that you can set the gallery to small med or large pics to begin with, maybe. Maybe the tech is different between using mobile vs desktop devices, cos I’m mostly using mobile. Dx

    Alice Boll

    I’ll see about the zoom… I thought we might have had this function for a little bit, but it definitely doesn’t work now.
    As for notifications… I’ll have to chat with the tech guy. Really not sure. Email is probably a no, possibly we can have another solution on-site.

    Dianne Labadie

    Just a thought on notification of comments until something better comes along. There is a link that will just display your layouts only. It will also show if and how many comments you have. This is a great way to read any comments that you choose on your layouts.

    Marcie Levine

    I just went back and looked at my email…I did receive email notifications the first day of LOAD when I had a comment.


    I’m not so concerned about comments that are left on my layouts as let’s face it, we probably all check our gallery to see if there are comments. I am more concerned about …let’s say, someone leaves me a question on one of my layouts and I reply…is that person notified of my reply? Or vice versa…if I ask someone a question about their layout and they reply to me, will I be notified? Because there is the very good chance that they or I are not ever going to see that reply unless we are notified of it. That is what,I believe, creates friendships, etc. in the group…that back and forth commenting, etc.

    And yes, zoom factor for these old eyes would be so appreciated!


    I too really want a way to see if someone has replied to comments that I’ve made. Right now, I think the only way to find out would be to go find each layout I’ve commented on and check. But I don’t remember all the layouts — there are so many over the past couple weeks and there’s no way to list only layouts I’ve commented on.

    I’d be interested in a view that let me see all of my comments and the replies (with links to the layouts the comments are from). It’s not the notifications I want so much as the ability to check whether there are new replies.

    Shirley Martin

    Can the tech guys add the feature of clicking on someone’s name in the gallery to see all of the layouts they have created?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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