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    Amy E Myers

    Huge Harry Potter fan here as is my family. We took our daughter Elizabeth to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter last summer for her 11th birthday. We didn’t let her take the official Pottermore sorting quiz until that birthday. She took it in The Leaky Cauldron and discovered she is a Gryffindor. She was excited to say the least. My husband is a Ravenclaw and I’m a Hufflepuff so we’re representing a big portion of Hogwarts. I signed up for LOAD220 for inspiration to tell some of the stories from that trip.

    Vickie Masters

    I am not a Harry Potter fan but am enjoying this LOAD.


    Yes! Have read all the books, most of them were read aloud to my boys years ago. Have seen all the movies. I sometimes wonder if I would have gotten into HP had I not had 2 boys who were absolutely obsessed…but I really don’t have to wonder because I’m glad they started out loving the books.


    I picked up the Sorcerers Stone in January to read for the first time. I didn’t want to be totally in the dark of the prompts for LOAD. It is fun to hear Alice revisit the scenes I just read. I also watched part of the movie, but must admit I’m not a huge fan of the fantasy genre. I am enjoying this LOAD because the prompts always lend themselves to telling our own stories. One of my favorite parts of LOAD is seeing the featured LO’s for each day. I really enjoy hearing the featured scrapbooker’s “take” on the prompt and their thought process for their creation. So fun!


    I listened to the audio book versions of the books. I wasn’t an early reader but I have read them all. I must have started sometime between 2005 and 2008 as they are missing from my “Books Read” list. I started keeping an electronic list as early as 2001 but had memorable Palm Pilot failure sometime in 2008. Books 4-7 appear in my 2009 list so that’s when I binged.

    I saw one movie, found it tediously accurate and annoying and stopped all things Harry Potter until this LOAD.


    Definitely yes! My sons grew up with the Harry Potter books so I read all the books along with them. We even ordered a copy of Prisoner of Azkaban from the UK when it had an earlier release date. I have attended several midnight release parties with my son when new Harry Potter books were published. We all love the movies also and the theme parks. I think it is so fun just to walk around Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade or ride the Hogwarts Express; it is magical.


    This is my first introduction and I was almost hesitant to sign up but then I figured surely I could still come up with stuff. I was so right! I’m loving the prompts and it’s interesting to hear the stories. I’m not sure I’ll ever go so far as to read the books but it’s fun. Please don’t blacklist me. LOL

    Jean Gresick

    I am sorry to say that I have never read any of the books and do not know the stories at all. I guess that is why I am not terribly inspired by the storylines on this LOAD. But Lay Out A Day is also about scrapbooking and getting your stories told and I feel really inspired to do a page a day, even when it keeps me up way past my bedtime to get my page done and uploaded.


    I’m not really a fan. I read all the books because I like to read but by the end of the series I was ready for it to be done. I think I’m just not much of a fantasy genre person.

    My 13yo is now listening to the audio books because her friends are all fans, so Harry Potters is full on in our house right now. I’m going with the flow.

    Alice Boll

    I love hearing how we have such a mix of people. We have Loadsters that love Harry Potter, Loadsters that have no exposure, and many levels in between. I’m relieved to hear that everyone is focused on finding their owns stories amidst the prompt inspiration.


    Oh yes! I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies. As a teacher, I watched many kids get sucked right into the wizarding world, and now as a grandparent I’m seeing it again. Because of LOAD, I’m thinking I should read them all again!


    How many ways can you say YES? I re-read all previous books as new ones came out. I’ve seen all the movies – and hubby, who is not a fan, bought me a boxed set so I can watch them whenever I want. He also took me to see Harry Potter in FL – a very long day, exciting for me and only marginally interesting to him. Is that true love?


    I am a Harry Potter fan thru the movies. I might have to buy the books.

    Cheryl Ashcraft

    I’ve read the entire series three times, but have only seen a couple of the movies and haven’t visited Universal yet . . .

    Tori Bissell

    YES YES YES. I love Harry Potter sooooo much. I remember back to 4th grade when my teacher read book 1 and 2 to us. I was hooked. At first my parents (conservative christians) weren’t really happy with the idea of it but once they read the books they realized they were pretty harmless. As each book came out I would read the whole series again from the start. In 12th grade I read all of the books in one week…I just couldn’t put them down. I love the movies too but the books have my heart. I told Alice when I signed up for LOAD I was going to listen to the audio books and I’m already on book 2. I listen while I scrap and I LOVE IT. The audio books take it to a whole other dimension…and I havent read the books in a long time…it’s nice to come back to my first love.

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