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    Rita Tong

    Never read the books, haven’t watched the movies and don’t intend to. But the prompts are adaptable so I’ve managed to do a layout on prompt most days. Now, Lord of the Rings on the other hand……


    Well, I haven’t read any of the books, seen any of the movies or gone to universal studios. But, my granddaughters love it and started reading them a couple years ago when the oldest was 8 or 9 (SHES an above average reader). They love it.


    Not really. I have not seen the movies or read the books. My youngest son is reading through the series. However, I’m really enjoying the prompts.

    Tina Campbell

    Nope can’t say I am, never read the books or saw the movies

    Pamela Cook

    I enjoyed reading the books and the movies. You’re doing a great job making the prompts relatable to all of us.

    Edie Banks

    Yes!!!! The books are amazing!!! The creativity- What a gift.


    Love Harry Potter!! I read the books for the most part as they were released. Have read them all multiple times (and this LOAD is making me want to start reading them again)! I’ve seen all the movies, been to Universals Harry Potter area twice, and saw the Cursed Child on Broadway! We have a Harry Potter bookcase in our living room with all our books and other trinkets, including the sorting hat. I was definitely excited for this theme!

    Mary Makinen

    I never got into it. I am having to google information,


    My first introduction to Harry Potter was when I taught a Harry Potter science camp in 2001. I read the first book so that I would be prepared for camp and I didn’t really love it. It wasn’t until We left on a trip a few years later and I forgot my books. My brother was reading book number three at the time prisoner of Azkaban I devoured the book and couldn’t wait to read more. From that point forward I was hooked!


    I’m a Potterhead. Read all the books at least twice. Watched the movies countless times. Seeing The Cursed Child live is on my bucket list as well as going to the theme park in Fl. Love this LOAD!!!

    Shirley Martin

    I was when the books came out. I bought them as soon as their release dates were announced. But it’s been many years since I’ve read the last one, so my Potter knowledge has really diminished. This has been a nice refresher course.


    I am a super Harry Potter fan!!!

    Darlene East

    I am a huge fan, I have read the books multiple times, listen to them on audible, watched all the movies. In April we are traveling to Lindon so I can go to Harry Potter Studios.

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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