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    Alice Boll

    Which prompt has been your favourite so far?


    Testing from my phone


    I have enjoyed prompts that encourage bling

    Nicole Gallagher

    My favorite so far is Day 2 about trying to prevent something from happening. It was a good way to tell about a hard story about my son getting his arm broken.


    My favorite prompt was the one about 8 eyes. I loved being able to share about my new grandson!

    Frances Mikesell

    Day 5’s prompt really stumped me at first. I didn’t think I had a story to share about being awed by something. Then I found the pictures of the owl Christmas tree I had taken at the Festival of Trees. I had wondered how I was going to tell that story. It all worked out great! Thanks for the prompt Alice!!!

    Katrina Forman Lee

    I think nemesis is my favorite, even though I just finally got the photos to print tonight, and I want to do a friends layout for the day 9 prompt, so I’m not sure when it will get done lol!


    My favorite technique prompt was the first lightning bolt one. I have a ton of my son’s rock band photos to scrap still, and I had a “rock band” sticker pack with little glass lightning bolts!

    My favorite story prompt had to do with something surprising you (I think that was how it was worded). It allowed me to scrapbook photos of my daughter’s haircut in a way that wasn’t just “here is a new haircut”.

    Amy E Myers

    I think my favorite prompt so far was the one involving the phoenix. It really helped that my photos from The Wizarding World of
    Harry Potter arrived that day!

    Pamela Cook

    How can you choose a favorite? Maybe the first one because this is my first year doing LOAD and I was a bit apprehensive about the prompts. Each and everyone has me thinking about my pages in a new way. So much fun!

    Vickie Masters

    My favorite so far was Day 2 – something that I resisted. I really had to think about it and would not have scrapbooked this story without the prompt.


    I’ve liked them all- but some have been hard for me to think of a matching story! I think the nemesis was my favorite because I would have never thought I’d that on my own. Plus it was fun to see how others interpreted it- clutter, squirrels, coworkers! 😂

    TinaGale Husong

    Day 1. I have so many ideas for that one. I did one story and have at least 3 more written down to go back and document.


    I have loved them all! Like you Tina I have loads of ideas for future stories! My fave was the discovery one and I scrapbooked my sons first photos


    I liked the nemesis one since it gave me the chance to scrap something hard and real. And I want my scrapbooks to represent the full range of real life, not just the cherry-picked happy moments.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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