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    I, too, hate to choose one; but if I must, I’d say the one about something that caused awe. And the timing was perfect, as I’d been scrapping my 1990 CA trip photos for Lea France Academy using stencils. The next photos in line were of my first view of Half Dome. Serendipity!


    My favorite had to be day 3. I scrapped a page for the 1st time without using a picture. I felt so accomplished.

    Paula Doran

    This is my first load and have enjoyed all of them because ,(I do not lack supplies 😂 or photos if we are speaking chronological order I am still in 2005 but jump around) I become really overwhelmed by how much I want to do and often that completion goal fogs my creativity. This load allows me to think about the prompt and apply it and that has been fun. But if I had to pick one it was the hard story of the nemesis 🌸


    I have to admit that I’ve had to go off story prompt/technique prompt a couple of times simply because I didn’t have the brain cells left . . . so I can’t say I have a favorite one YET.

    Tori Bissell

    I so totally agree – I loved the 8 eyes prompt. I already wanted to scrapbook about my Safari when I first got to Kenya but it was so nice to have something to guide my title and journaling instead of this was fun. Thanks so much for putting together all of these prompts.


    I’ve loved all of them. I usually just scrapbook events. It’s so nice to do everyday events and thoughts. I would normally never do this in my own because I feel so far behind on my “normal” scrapbooking. This is my first LOAD and I’ll definitely be doing them in the future!

    Mary Makinen

    My BFF allowed me to remember someone special.

    Shirley Martin

    I really don’t have a favorite prompt so far. Other than the playful Prompt 10 (which was also fun to document), the others so far have really helped me to preserve memories that might never have been shared with my family. This LOAD has been awesome!


    I have been loving the technique prompts, as I’m trying to work through the pictures that I printed over a year ago and haven’t gotten to, so I don’t always have a story to match from that set of photos. But my favourite was the adventure prompt, it took my journaling in a different direction than I originally planned, and I’m really happy with the page!


    I really liked the favorite candy and the home prompts.

    Evelyn Wullner

    I had SO much FUN with the layouts of nature pictures! I could do an entire album on that topic!!! ❤️

    Evelyn Wullner

    I liked so many but the prompt about which spell would you cast gave me SO MANY ideas of pages to do in the future that I hadn’t thought about. Also, the one about things you avoid- I would have NEVER scrapped that and I think my children and myself will REALLY love reading all those (I did a top ten! 😂) in the future to get insight on who I am/was. THANK YOU ALICE! I have done LOADSS in the past but not for awhile. I am a procrastinator and doing a LOAD is perfect pressure for me to go and DO and make decisions and USE all the photos I have printed and waiting…. along with ALL my supplies!!! ❤️👍😁

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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