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    Pamela Cook

    SO much fun! I’m doing my best to stay true to the prompts in one way or another and yet not over-think them. This is my first year and I’m so happy I decided to join in. (Alice, it was the price break that pushed me to abandon my spending freeze plan. Using so much of my stash for this challenge helped me justify it! Ha!)


    I am 6 for 8 which is a WIN for me! I don’t think I scrapped but a handful of times last year. I’ve discovered through reflecting on the whys that I had to decide what was really important in my creative world. I was trying to do too much (resulting in too little) because I was all over the place! There’s so much inspiration out there it’s easy to get lost. So, I put my card making and paints and art journaling aside for now. I’ve re-dedicated and re-organized my scrap-space for scrapbooking. It’s why I started this creative journey in the first place.


    I am really enjoying this LOAD challenge. I am 8 for 8 and am excited to complete this challenge.


    I am up to date! So far, 10 pages even. This is great and I feel really motivated. I know that I might miss a day later on in the month due to social commitments so I’m making the most of it while I can. It’s good to remember why I love this hobby so much and see my ScrapHappy friends again!


    I went in knowing with work it would be hard to do one everyday so I’m not going to beat myself up if I miss but I’m sure going to try. LOL So far I’m 8 for 8 and working on 9 now.
    I’m loving the prompts and even though I’m not always able to do them that day I’m saving them so I can go back to them. So many ideas!!


    I sure have been there before Nicole G. Glad you remembered.

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    Jean Gresick

    I have managed to get my 8 layouts done for the 8 days, although my day 4 layout was not uploaded in time. I am enjoying looking at the prompts and thinking about them, even if I have no stories or photos for them. But I have so many photos and stories that I can be motivated to do a page a day.

    Always look forward to the February LOAD especially, because its winter and “what else is there to do?” The May LOAD is harder for me to stick to because of the need to be outside in the garden, and October the same. That is harvest and canning and clean-up time outside.


    So happy I’m 9 for 9 but to be honest I cant see it lasting…the best I’ve done in a long time though!


    My goal is to finish LOAD and so far I’m on track. I’m loving the day’s prompt video with the little extra footage pieces of Alice’s adventures, of quote’s, and today’s with reunion photos. Nice extra touch.


    It’s been great! I was kind of burnt out on working on my daughter’s album, but LOAD has been the kick in the pants I needed to get back into it!


    Great! I have two pages done, but more importantly, I’ve been spending time in my craft room and getting it functional again. Most days I’ve come down to scrap and started decluttering, and such instead. After avoiding it for the last two years, that’s a big win!


    9 for 9…I even did another layout today, even though I was a guest designer and had already used the prompt. And, I’m finally getting a bit more comfortable with the Artisan software…a good chance to practice something new.
    There are so many great layouts posted. I just wish I had time to look at them all, not just random few each day.


    I am loving the load challenges. It is making me “try to” think outside my norm. I missed the 1st challenge because I was stuck inside my head.. crazy right? I am really trying to figure out how to tell a story. I hope to figure that out b4 day 29


    I’m 9/9 so far! My last photos that I wanted to do are up for tomorrow’s LO. I need to get more printed! I’m hoping to make every day but if I don’t, this is already more than I usually get done in a month. Planning to press on!


    I’m 9 for 9 . . . better than last LOAD!

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