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    8 layouts done so far, & fixing to do the one for today (9). I have finally started working on our 2017 road trip, so some days (like today) I might be off prompt. So far I’ve made it work, but I don’t think today will. I’ll use the technique though.

    It’s fun, & I’m so glad to be working on this trip!!

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    Janet Fritz

    So far so good, I was even able to complete day 8 while traveling! I’m super excited d
    To be getting so much done and the challenges are great.


    So far I am 9 for 9! Woo hoo! I have mostly been working on my Africa album from…I hate to admit it but…2014! I intend to get that thing finished in the next month or so. But I do find myself leaning toward the prompts here and there so this will probably be a month of everything. As long as I am creating, I am happy!

    Tori Bissell

    I have scrapbooked every day (either physical or digital) and some days I’ve made more than one layout. I’m so amazed! This is the most I’ve scrapbooked in months. YAY!

    Tori Bissell

    Where did you go in Africa? I’m living in kenya.

    Ruth Tacoma

    I am keeping up so far with the daily layout but feel like I have been riding the struggle bus as things aren’t flowing like they usually do when I am scrapping daily. I need to find my groove. Having fun though!

    Debra Riendeau

    I managed days 1-6 without problem, then I had a couple of busy days where I could not get to the craft room. I’m still loving it though. I got half way through my day nine page but then felt I need to reprint the photos due to size. So I’m not making the deadline but I am doing more than I normally would so it’s a win.

    Pat G

    I have 4 layouts posted, and most are off prompt, but I am so happy that LOAD is motivating me to get down to my scrap room and play!


    I was in Tanzania and Rwanda. My son was in the Peace Corps in Uganda so I may be doing some scrapping of that. Neighbors of you!


    It’s going great. This is my first time joining and I love the challenges. I look forward to the 9pm prompt – it’s making scrapping so much easier.

    Tina Campbell

    I’m 9 for 9 just missed posting #8 on the right day, did it in Sunday instead. Headed to day 10 now


    So far 9+ layouts for the first 9 days. I’m running behind today(got home from out of town and had to clear lots of snow) but just listened to the prompt and will be trying my best to get something posted by the deadline!

    Dionne Jack

    I am keeping up so far but have used my backup plan of doing Project Life pages on days when there just isn’t enough time or I am out all day. I would love to do a prompt related layout everyday but am realistic in knowing that may not happen. I am still telling stories with pictures and words and getting some memories documented and that all matters to me no matter the form it takes. I am loving all of the inspiration I see in the gallery and hope to add more comments.

    Sherry Roth

    Things are going well. I’m 10 for 10. I haven’t used many of the prompts yet I’ve been mostly using page kits that I put together in preparation for load. I’ve made note of some of the prompts to do layouts for at some point though. So many great ideas and inspiration.

    Mary Makinen

    I am 10 for ten. Having fun!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 60 total)
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