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    Pamela Cook

    Goodness this has been fun! Does anyone else have guesses about what prompts we’ll get this week? I wonder if there’ll be anything related to Daigon Alley? The formal dance? Mermaids & dragons?


    Only 4 days left including today. I know Alice has been hitting at something special for the last prompt and I must say that I am curious.


    It’s been fun looking at the prompts each morning. I’m not enough of a fan to be able to double guess what they are going to be but I’ve been really impressed and how many angles Alice has come up with! So much fun….

    Dianne Labadie

    Oooo, dance would be nice. She did do Diagon Alley earlier in the month. It will be exciting to see the last 3!
    I can’t believe we only have 3 layouts left and FEBRUARY will be over! QUICKEST February in my life! Now come Saturday, I have a house to clean! It’s been fun!


    I’m hoping for a Dobby prompt. Love him.

    Alice Boll

    Most of our prompts this month are inspired by the first book… and I’m borrowing a couple of themes that may be appearing in the last couple of days… they were things I just couldn’t resist! 😉 I’m so glad you’re having fun! Don’t forget that we can all scrapbook together on Saturday the 29th during Scrapbook Live! 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern.

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    Thanks for the reminder about scrapbook live on the 29th, Alice!

    Dana Szypniewski

    I wish I could do the live but I am at a Crop with no WiFi. But I am excited for the last topic. Maybe the trip home or something to due with the future and thing to come?

    Karen Schwieger

    I’ve really enjoyed my first LOAD event. Even though I’ve been scrapping for over 20 years I did find that having the daily prompts really helped me. I loved figuring out which of my photos would go well with the story or techniques. I also found that by scrapping every day, I was able to finish my pages faster. I even learned about HP along the way as I have never read the books. I looked forward to the daily video so that I could learn more. I guess I need to borrow my granddaughters copy and get reading!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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