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    Mary Makinen

    I realized that in order to think differently and to actually be into the prompts, I could not go into this to do a family or trip album. A friend told me that last load she created a LOAD album. That thought process has allowed me to let the prompts completely guide my creative process. I must admit, these prompts do pull forth memories that pictures do not. A couple of pages do not even use photographs. When I am long gone, someone will pick up the albums and not only see my pictures, but they will know more about me, my childhood, my fears, dreams and loves. What a great way to leave a bit of who I actually am and the way I look at life. And if no one ever sees them, I have looked deeper into myself and my past while enjoying the time spent. My husband has looked at each page as they are finished and my friend gets a text picture everyday. She is on vacation and unable to do the load but wants to do it when she gets home just for herself. So my tip is to go into this to do the prompts, not to complete a particular album.


    Excellent thoughts, Mary. When I started LOAD this time, I let go of expectations that I had to do anything, except create layouts, preferably one a day. My kids have been very encouraging, whether its asking about that day’s prompt or applauding my page when its finished. My photos are all over the place, a lot of dates unknown, so I just look through a bunch that I want to scrap. Sometimes its the journalling prompt, somtimes its the technique prompt, and sometimes its pretty paper! Im having a good time. And as Alice said last night, we dont have to reinvent the wheel, and remember the why. This is helping me today, and through the week. I now have to buy a new album, and think I will indeed make it one for LOAD.

    Pamela Cook

    I agree! Last week I was thinking it would be fun to redo the prompts in a TN format focusing on the journaling. In my spare time of course. LOL


    I like the idea of just a LOAD album. Right now I am finishing some projects, but can see doing this in the future.

    Evelyn Wullner

    Yes, my first LIad I randomly put pages in other albums – wi yet or Christmas or birthday albums but then next one and this time- I made/am making one LOAD album! I would love to keep the prompts to not for each page! Thank you ALICE! It has been great and just about one week to go!?!? Wow! Love all of you scrappers and your creativity! You are all so inspiring!

    Dianne Labadie

    Just to piggy back on the above comments. Yes, I had something entirely different that I thought I could accomplish for my first load. It dawned on me, with the prompts being presented, this book was going to be about me. I would of really never scrapped book about myself if I had not joined this LOAD. I really like how my book is turning out. I think my kids will enjoy once they happen upon it.
    Thank you Alice for the wonderful prompts. I can’t wait for the last

    Krista Hubbard

    This is my first load and I did not know what to expect. On day one, I did a page for something else that I was working on, totally going off prompt, but realized on day 2, if I really want to get the most out of LOAD, I really should follow the prompts and at the end I will have a 29 page “journal.” I’m going to go back to Day 1 and re-do according to the actual prompt. Like Mary mentioned in her post, my partner is really enjoying also and often asks me “what’s the prompt today?” He’s helped me with thinking of some stories or topics to include! I thought that I might create a table of contents at the beginning of my album with all of Alices prompts so if someone picks up the album, they know what the prompts are and can see my interpretation of them!

    Laura Parsons

    LOAD prompts always give me the courage to scrap a few stories or photos that I have been too scared to do “wrongly” in the past. Sometimes for the sake of just getting a layout done to keep my streak going, I use photos or papers or tell a story I wouldn’t normally do. I always am so happy with every single page at the end of LOAD. I probably wouldn’t still scrapbook without LOAD to keep me moving!


    This is my first LOAD, and I haven’t really been using the prompts — just getting back into scrapbooking after 6 months of not feeling interested has been wonderful. I usually read the prompts, in case there’s something I want to do that links up, but mostly just the “get a prize if you post everyday” has really helped me get out of a rut of looking at my printed photos without actually putting anything on a page. I’ve scrapped a bunch of photos this month where I don’t know why I was putting it off for so long, when the page went together pretty quickly and looks nice.


    I think this approach is great if it works for you, however it really depends on each person & what they have to scrap etc … that’s why we have such flexibility in how we each do LOAD.
    I am single, with no children & I have been scrapbooking in its current format for over 20 years. Scrapbooking for me is & always will be about the stories first, the photos second & the pretty stuff way down third. I still LOVE scrapbooking but I live in a house that’s about average in UK terms but tiny in US terms (<1000sq ft) & I have quite literally run out of space to store large physical albums so I am now creating a lot of photobooks as they fit on my shelves so much easier.

    Todays prompt (memorable meal) I have the perfect page for – coincidentally it’s actually the next page for the album I’m working on. Is it THE most memorable meal I have EVER eaten, no, but its a meal that was special in its own right.
    However sometimes the prompt just doesn’t work for me – “scrapbook a page about someone you love” … hmm … I have lots of pages about various people already & I’d be forcing something to do this – why scrap a page just for the sake of it?
    “What do you love about your home” – well I have already scrapped about buying it, I scrapped the whole sorry story about the bathroom renovation, I will no doubt scrap when I finally get the kitchen redone … right now I don’t NEED to scrap a page about my home because there’s honestly nothing to say about it. I could force something if I had to , but why? nobody, including me, is remotely interested in a random page of scrapping about “my house” when I’ve done that several times before in different ways …

    Ultimately, it’s all about making LOAD work for you
    If that’s ignoring the prompts & focussing on scrapping everyday to get an album finished, great!
    If that’s working on a bespoke LOAD album focussing heavily on the prompts, great!
    If that’s playing with lots of supplies & focussing on the techniques or scraplifting the sample LOS, great!
    If that’s doing a bit of paper scrapping, a bit of digi scrapping and a journal entry here & there, great!


    This is an interesting discussion. I decided many LOADS ago that my purpose was to complete LOs for and about my family. If I can use a prompt to do that, fine. But honestly, most days I don’t even read them before I do my LO. I get too hung up on making the prompt work, and I don’t usually have time for that. This LOAD I’m filling in some holes in my albums and I’m excited to have 26 LOs (soon to be 29!) finished!

    There are no rules—do what works for you!


    I like to stay on prompt when possible, and so have many LOAD layouts in a separate album. If they fit into another album, that’s okay, too. But I don’t obsess if I’m traveling and need to use PL app to continue an album there or do a layout with random photos. It’s all a memory managed!


    I have used both approaches. I have followed the prompts more closely when it worked with what I was doing. But this LOAD I was just intent on finishing my daughter’s album – years in the making. I always read the prompt to see if it, or the technique, will work for me, but when you’re getting near the end of a project, you know you have certain pages that need to be completed. Do what works for you!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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