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    Pat G

    Happy LOAD everyone! I have inherited my old family photos, and am wondering your thoughts on using the originals, in all their black and white and grainy glory, in my scrapbooks. Previously, I have scanned and printed anything I wanted to use. No one else in my family is interested in these photos besides me. I’m kind of thinking I should go ahead and use the originals, or am I crazy? What say you, loadsters?


    If I use old ones, I only attach them using photo corners. And I don’t crop them. If I want to do that, I scan and print again. Just my way.


    I’d say use ’em. That is what they are for! I’d agree with Jennifer above on how she’d make copies if she wanted to alter them in some way.

    Laura Parsons

    I occasionally use originals of older photos but mostly with photo corners. Especially if I think no one will want them anyway.


    I use my old photos but scan them in first for posterity. I have a Forever account so all my photos go there and my son will inherit my account.

    Katrina Forman Lee

    I am like the others, I scan them first, and sometimes use the original photos but I make certain that it’s all acid free. Sometimes there are amazing details that you’d never notice unless you zoom in. Like my great grandmother as a girl, holding a chicken, that I couldn’t tell was a chicken until I scanned it and zoomed in. Which made for a fun layout!

    Alice Boll

    I don’t have the old originals, so I can’t speak from experience, but I would probably scan and use a copy. I find that I use photos multiple times to tell different stories, and I’d want to keep those originals separate. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer, especially if you scan them for posterity. What a treasure!

    Pamela Cook

    I use them but I’m extremely careful about the products on the page.

    Dianne Labadie

    I also am in the process of scrapping old pictures back to the 40’s. No one else in the family is interested. At least they will be identified in albums for the future.
    I have used the originals. That is also part of the story, the advances in photos. I am NOT glueing them down, using photo brackets to insert pictures into. Just in case, someday someone wants to remove for any reason.

    Nadine Ballantyne

    You are so blessed! I don’t have any old family photos. But if I did, I would probably scan them so that I have a copy and then use the original.

    Cheryl Ashcraft

    I end up scanning and using them that way, but that’s because I scrap digitally anyway. I agree with others that I wouldn’t affix in the album in a permanent way, and if I was going to crop or make other edits, I’d do that to a copy and retain the original.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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