Day Three: Tradition

Although we can all recognize this, it isn’t exactly what we would find on the shelf of our local scrapbook store! But some things never change – time ticks on, seasons change, birthdays & anniversaries continue to accrue.

Many of us look forward to carrying on traditions from our history with our children & grandchildren, nieces & nephews, friends, neighbors & family.

Ninnyg2 has challenged us today to document a tradition – if possible, with a series of photos over the years. She has enjoyed taking her  grandchildren to the pumpkin patch every October – your tradition may revolve around another season or  holiday.

Dig out those photos & treat us to a glimpse into your tradition today!

6 thoughts on “Day Three: Tradition”

  1. great prompt! i can think of several right now while I’m reading this…. i love the way these prompts are going to take us off in all sorts of different directions each day!

  2. Oh….I am ALL about tradition. We have many including some from my Polish heritage. My kids now are all about tradition. We do something once and it becomes “tradition” and therefore MUST do it again and again.

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