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FAQ #1: Sounds incredibly awesome! How do I sign up?

Answer: Hop over HERE and get yourself signed up!

FAQ #2. What if registration isn’t open? 

Answer: If registration is not currently open for LOAD you can get yourself on the email list to be the first to know HERE. (you’ll usually receive an early bird bonus too!)

FAQ #3. I’ve registered, how do I access the LOAD content?

Answer: You can log into your ScrapHappy account and access your Circle community. ALL LOAD content is in our Circle community. You’ll find an area for the prompts and the gallery there!


FAQ #1. What’s with the daily email?
Answer: Every day you will receive an email with a link to the daily prompt post. The prompt post will include some information on the theme in the form of a video, with a sample layout and some ideas on how you can interpret the prompt. Your LOAD emails will have LOAD in the subject line so they are easy to identify.

FAQ #2. When will the daily prompts be available?
Answer: Each prompt will be available at 9pm Pacific time the night before. This gives you three BONUS hours to complete your layout, isn’t that nice? If you are a super-fast scrapbooker you might even have to wait a bit to be sure your layout is uploaded on the correct day! (Procrastinators probably won’t have to worry about that.)

FAQ #3. I didn’t get the daily email. Help!
Please refer to the Prompts area in our Circle community. The emails are not necessary. You can also contact support to let us know.

FAQ #4: I’m in a different time zone. Can I still play?
 I hope you will! The daily challenges may go out a bit late (or early!) for you, but you can work ahead or backwards on those as you desire. And when I look at daily uploads, I’ll be going by 12 midnight Pacific (California) time. In the past, we’ve had participants from China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and the UK. (Hint: Many members us the World Clock on their mobile phone Alarm to keep track of time zones.)

FAQ #5. What if I don’t want to do the daily challenge prompt?
Answer: Then don’t! You are welcome to scrapbook about whatever you’d like, it’s your layout! As long as you scrapbook a layout a day, and share it in the ScrapHappy LOAD Gallery you’re good.


FAQ #1.  I’m a digi (hybrid, pocket page, traditional, traveller’s notebook) scrapper. Can I participate?
Yes! All scrappers are welcome! The prompts will work with any type of scrapbooking and of course you can choose to create a layout without using the prompts.

FAQ #2. Are there minimum size requirements for the layouts?
Answer: Let’s be reasonable. 6×6, I can go with. Anything smaller… well, let’s just say you might want to do TWO to count as one layout. Just my opinion.

FAQ #3. What about cards, altered items, crafts, etc.? Do they count as layouts?
: Nope. A layout is a layout. If you want to participate with cards, or some other form of paper art, you are welcome to. You’ll have a lot of fun but you will not be eligible for the Grand Prize.

FAQ #4. Can I upload layouts I’ve already created?
No! Pages must be must be completed that day. That’s the point behind the Layout a Day challenge.

FAQ #5. What if I miss a day? Can I “catch up?” And what if I know I’m going to be gone. Can I pre-scrap layouts?

Answer: For the purposes of this challenge, we are creating a layout a day. That means there is no “catching up” or “banking.” However, for your personal satisfaction, if you want to stay up all night on the last day of the challenge and complete the 12 layouts you missed, you have my blessing. But to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, I need to see a layout a day in the gallery.

FAQ #6. What if crazy unforeseen circumstances prevent me from scrapbooking and loading my layout up to the gallery? ie.) the power goes out, I get sick, I take off for an exotic vacation, etc.?
Then you will have my sympathy, compassion, or envy, depending on your circumstances. But again, to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing, you have to create and upload a page a day for the entire month (have I said that enough yet?). Please re-read this one — EVERY month I receive questions from someone who has some kind of family catastrophe and is unable to upload their layout. While I feel for you, I have to stick with the rules. Period.

FAQ #7. I want to go back and review the prompts later, how long do I have access?

Answer: You have access to the prompts for 18 months. The gallery will remain available. ScrapHappy members have access to ALL prompts for as long as the site is active, so if you’d like to go through some old LOAD challenges come join us!


FAQ #1: Where do we upload our layouts?
We now have a ScrapHappy community called Circle. As a ‘Loadster’ you’ll have access to the LOAD areas of the membership site. There will be a space for PROMPTS and a space for the GALLERY. Circle is REALLY EASY to use and we have a video to show you how to find what you need! *Please note that you do not have to share private information/photos. (You may cover those details before sharing your layout.)
FAQ #2. I want to edit my photo or upload a new photo. Will this mess things up?
We go by the date that your layout is uploaded. My recommendation is to not mess with your uploads until after the month is over. If you want to upload a new image, go ahead — but please don’t delete the old one and replace it with the new image.

Connecting with Loadsters!

We’ll be chatting and sharing our layouts in the ScrapHappy Circle community.

Load members (Loadsters) have access to specific areas like the LOAD prompts, gallery and a chat area to talk about LOAD!


FAQ #1. How will you decide who wins the Grand Prize?
Answer: As you well know, the real reward for completing LOAD is the feeling of accomplishment when you see the month of layouts you’ve finished, sitting there in an impressive pile on your scrap table, or an awesomely impressive file if you are a digi scrapper. BUT, sometimes a little motivation is in order, so at the end of the month, everyone who has uploaded a page each day during the month will be entered in a drawing. The winner will be selected by random draw. The draw is usually held the month after LOAD during the Happy Hour event. We invite Loadsters to join us for this event.

FAQ #2. What is a Finisher’s Prize?

Answer: A ‘Finisher’s Prize’ is a small token of congratulations for completing the challenge. You must have completed a layout, and uploaded it to the gallery EVERY DAY in the month to be eligible to receive a Finisher’s Prize. Every scrapper who completes the challenge successfully can receive this if they fill out the form at the completion of LOAD. 

FAQ #3. I’m a manufacturer, kit club owner, store owner, etc., and I’d like to donate a prize. Are you interested?
Answer:  Absolutely! Contact me for my undying love and admiration.

Alice Boll.


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