Day Five: Texturize

In all of our raptures over beautiful papers & embellishments, every shade of color possible to use, which size layout to make, there is something I believe we tend to frequently overlook.


What a wonderful way to add dimension! What visual excitement it adds! What added depth it can give to such an ordinary material as paper!

Today you have permission to play a little! Take your paper and scrunch, dry emboss, stitch, crackle, crimp, fold & unfold, wet, tear, and any other spindling & mutilating you can think of! Fussy cut elements and pop them off the page. Fold a corner back to reveal the backside of the paper & attach it so it doesn’t lie smooth. Punch shapes of the same paper as your background (looks really great in kraft paper or solids) and layer them on top to make a tone-on-tone effect.

Happy Scrapping!

5 thoughts on “Day Five: Texturize”

  1. And who gave us this wonderful prompt today? This is great and texture can add so much without over doing it. Thanks for the inspiration. I may attempt my layout from yesterday again as it ended ugly. My sewing machine was not cooperative! I love the look of stitching on a page.

  2. Oh my goodness! This was more fun than I expected. I was so nervous at first and then I just played with some stickles. Yep, that worked!! Thanks so much!!!

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