Day Six: Dig Deep

Many of us are fortunate to have old childhood photos in albums (hopefully) or boxes (more likely) or, in my case, ziploc bags (I know … I know!).

What do you see when you look at those photos? It may not be the obvious things in the photo that spring to mind, so pay attention to the story that wants to be told.

JanaPedo tells her story here about being a lifelong bookworm starting at 2 years old!

Maybe you remember the special place where you played as a child. When I see a photo of our dining room I remember my brother & I made forts underneath with army blankets on rainy indoor days.

Perhaps you don’t have the photos at hand. Take a minute & think of the people & places that were a part of your beginnings & use your layout to document the memory. Or simply create a childlike vibe on your page!

Thanks, JanaPedo, for a great idea!

3 thoughts on “Day Six: Dig Deep”

  1. I have a few scanned photos from the 70s that I thought of immediately. I have them printing while I type. I already have a few thoughts but once they are printed I am going to try to look at them again and see what the story is.

    Thanks so much for an excellent prompt!

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