Day 7: Choose Your Weapon

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Which would you choose?

Assignment? Doodling…  MichMur7 says she is hesitant about doodling right on her page.  How about you? Have you ever had to hide some attempted handiwork on your page with a strategically placed embellishment? Me, too!

With some help from chipboard maybe it will be less scary!  No pressure – try out some dots, dashes, curlicues, outlining, striping, or whatever comes to mind.  Oops – made a mess – no harm, no foul – just try another one! Your layout is still good to go.

MichMur7  got the idea from the February 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes, p.73. “Doodling 2.0” article. You can order the issue at their website, plus here is a link to download  a free frame template to doodle on:

If by chance you don’t have any chipboard, just cut out a shape (perhaps a letter) from any cardboard (the inside of a cereal box will do) & go to town!

Today add some doodling on your page, and if you need a safety net try the chipboard trick! For inspiration check out our own kerricwills & Whimsical Nature for creative ways to leave a little of your own personal style on the page.

Extra Credit: If you have a layout on Flickr with doodling on it that you want to share, add the link into the comments section. (Please be sure that you have it marked public :~)

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