Day Eleven: Cha-ching

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Our prompt today is brought to you by Michele (you know who you are, but unfortunately I don’t know your Flickr name, so if you would like a pass for the day let me know in the comments section below, please.)

How much does it cost to live today? We’ve all “wowed” over how items like milk, gasoline, or the electric bill seemed inexpensive years ago. In twenty years we will be amazed at how cheap things seem today, even though living in the moment they seem costly.

What do you consider necessities? Satellite/cable tv, home phone, cell phone, internet… In fact those things may not even factor in twenty years from now!

What are some of the costs of staple items you buy at the grocery store?

How much do some of your favorite scrapbook supplies cost (eeek! courtesy of editor)

How expensive is it to have your photos printed?

Find a way to incorporate the cost of things into your layout today. Scrap your grocery list, whine about the cable bill, admit how much you spent this week on scrap supplies (muffled yikes! – I couldn’t help it :~). Want to scrap vacation pics? Use your receipts as an accent on the page! Get creative…get going!

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