Day 17: Every Day

Sassyscrapper2010 had a brilliantly inspired theme for the whole month…

Travel: A Scrapbooker’s Everyday Journey

The prompt I chose for today is to scrap just normal life stuff that we don’t always document.

More prompts to come!

3 thoughts on “Day 17: Every Day”

  1. Awwww shucks…you took the ideas I posted to Lain a long time ago! How did you remember? I didn’t even think I was a contributor to the prompts this time around! You are too much, Miss Leslie! I feel so honored (blushing)!

  2. Funky page Lynette! I live with a Nutella addict (though I can leave it myself!) and maybe I should do a page about that.

    I love that you are encouraging us to scrap the everyday. I do this often but the reminder is always worth it – sometimes I try to focus so much on making a page I like, that the everyday gets missed out. I’ll have to have a fish through my photos and see which of the hundreds of mundane topics jumps out at me!

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