Day 19: Use The Calendar As Your Inspiration

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Today’s prompt courtesy of our own LisaInRe, to be featured this weekend as our next guest star!

The calendar can be a great source of inspiration on those days when your fingers want to scrap but you’re lacking ideas.

I first found this idea through Elizabeth Dillow’s book “The Scrapbooker’s Almanac”, and her subsequent BPC class, Red Letter Days, and I haven’t stopped checking the diary since. But you don’t need the book or the class to find fantastic starting points for your pages.

For example, did you know that today, 19th October, is “Evaluate Your Life Day”. Well, this got me thinking that would be the great starting point for a meaningful page and the result is a page that I love and that gives me a snapshot of what I was thinking at this time.

Or what about the fact that it’s John Le Carre’s birthday today? I was thinking that I’ve never read any of his books and that got me thinking about a page to do with my taste in reading – likes, dislikes, styles etc.

See where the inspiration can lead you?

Or did you know that October is “German American Heritage Month”? As a Brit living in Germany, this got my mind going in all sorts of directions – cultural differences, ancestors, history and so much more.

Or October is also “Bat Appreciation Month” which reminded me of a story when I was living in the Philippines and my mum and I were visiting one of the beautiful islands when we saw what we thought was a dark cloud at sunset. But no, it was a huge swarm of bats leaving their bat cave!! Funny story that might easily be forgotten but which adds detail to my time living there.

So I hope you can see that there is so much inspiration out there just by checking out the date.

Some useful links are:


Celebrity birthdays:

International holidays:

Chase’s Calendar of Events:

BBC On This Day:

This Day In History:

Use your calendar today as a starting point to your page and be amazed at the direction the prompt takes you!


And just in case you are still sceptical, here are some pages I have made in the past in this way:

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