Day 31: The Party’s Over…

But it was great, wasn’t it? Great to be here together, making art & preserving our memories, burning the midnight oil to post on time, saying “yes” to creating over some of the other demands of life – if only for this brief space of time…

Thank you so much to those of you who provided prompts, and especially our featured guest stars for allowing us to get to know them a little bit better. 76 party girls and we posted over 800 layouts so far!

If you would like to today, post a wrap-up page. It’s always fun to have a snap of the pile of goodness you created this month. Or use your favorite prompt inspiration, lift your favorite ScrapSista, scrap your favorite vacation, whatever fave is inspiring you today!

Love ya! See ya in the gallery at the next ScrapHappy challenge. I will post our randomly chosen LOADster super-star winner tomorrow. :~)

11 thoughts on “Day 31: The Party’s Over…”

  1. Awwww, it’s over already? This has been an awesome month. I have learned lots. Accomplished mounds. Made new friends. Discovered new sites. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and for all the inspirations you gave me through your pages. We’ll do it again soon, ok?

  2. It’s been quite a month! Maybe my fave LOAD so far 😉

    so much sharing and loving and inspiring and laughing.

    Thanks again Leslie for all you did! thanks to all you LOADsters for inspiring and encouraging! Just an overall great month! Here’s to Feb and to Scrap Happy! and of course, see some of you over at WM!

  3. I’m so sad it’s over! I always learn something new about myself when I do this and this was no exception. Thanks, Leslie, for all your work! What a great month!

  4. Great Job everyone on this! Leslie , you rocked this! 🙂
    I feel i did pretty well with 24 LO’s. and i’m keeping the remaining prompts in my back pocket for when I can get back to scrapping! I can’t believe I did 2 LOADs back to back!

  5. I’ll miss this, but I think its time for a break, been tough keeping up! thanks so much Leslie for organizing this – you’re amazing.See you all next time.

  6. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Despite soooo much going on in my life this month I did it!!! You are all so kind and uplifting and positive that I had to keep going so I could get my fix of LOADsters!!!! I’ll miss yo but hope to see you on your new blog and scrap happy and who knows where! Take care all of you!!

  7. Thank you everyone! Thanks lain for letting leslie and the group continue with load this month. I think it may very well be my most productive one yet. I enjoyed the small, more intimate feel this time too. Thank you everyone for the comments – especially since many of my layouts followed a very similar theme throughout! I love the challenge to create during these months and i’ve enjoyed the bios and variety in prompts yet again. I hope to see you all again next time and at scraphappy too!

  8. Thanks to everyone (especially Leslie!) for this month. I only made it about half way through before life interfered but between MotherLOAD and this one, I’ll count it as a full one… Looking forward to February!

  9. Ditto on all of the above. Between floods, power outages and a very busy life, many, many layouts were created. In addition to that, I fostered some special friendships with people I’ve never even met except through their beautiful stories. How powerful is that!?! Thanks to Leslie for the initiative to get this going and to Lain for letting us “run the asylum”! You are all wonderful scrap-sistas!

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