My Craft Space Background

I have been lucky to always have a space to use as a craft room. When I first started stamping, back before marriage and kids, I shared the second bedroom of our two bedroom apartment with my husband. We used it as an office/craft/game space, and I had a small desk with a couple small Iris carts for stamp and paper storage. When we moved into our first house, I took over the smallest bedroom, bought more Iris carts and wire shelving, and filled the space with crafty goodness. As our family grew, and our needs changed, my craft space moved from room to room, but I always had a dedicated room.

The reason I bring this up is that having this space on a continuous basis has allowed me to really figure out what I need from my craft space. When I had my supplies in our sunroom, I found that I loved having enough room for my kids to create with me. The bright sunny room was wonderful, but the sun fade on my paper stash was awful. And it was too far away from everyone in the house. I couldn’t hear if the kids were getting into some kind of trouble, and when they were little that was a big issue. It was also right off my bedroom, which meant no late night crafting.

When I took over one of the two living rooms with the idea of being able to hold classes without having to cart materials all over the house, I loved the extra elbow room, but disliked not being able to just close the door when I was done crafting. It was neat, but too messy to be part of my main living space.

When I was using the small office downstairs, I loved the central location and the door, but I didn’t have room to keep my sewing machine or die-cutters out all the time, let alone craft with my kids.

Believe it or not, this is the only photo I can find that is relatively neat.

The point I’m getting at is that I have figured out what I want to be able to do in my craft space, and that’s the next thing to think about when designing a craft space. Do you have a space you can dedicate to your crafts? What tasks do you want to be able to accomplish in your space? If it’s a shared space, do you want to keep your supplies centrally located, or do you want your supplies to be mobile so you can craft in front of the TV one day, and at the kitchen table the next?

Basically, before you buy a single item or move a single piece of furniture, think about what you want, and start to make a plan. It doesn’t have to be a detailed plan, with fully drawn out floor plan and elevations (which I have done on occasion-LOL), but knowing your goals will help you get to them. In my case I know I want a room with lots of storage space and room for multiple people to craft at the same time, where I can leave my sewing machine and die cut machines out so I can easily access them and hopefully use them more.

As far as the new craft room goes, I have gotten the painting done. I chose the middle color, which is venus teal by Behr if you’re interested. Everyone in my family loves it. Wait till you see it with the cranes!

If you are playing along at home, keep gathering inspiration sources, and make a list of exactly what you want to be able to do in your craft room. You can even start roughing out a floor plan if you’ve got a room to call your own. If you don’t have a room of your own, decide which corner of the house will be yours, and start thinking about how you want to use it.

I’ll see you next week!



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  1. I have taken over the guest bedroom as my s’CRAProom (LOL), but as is so often the case, second bedrooms are small. I would love for my ds to be able to play/craft/whatever WITH me in my space, which is currently not possible. ¬†ALSO, I find myself dragging ds’s child’s card table into the den in front of one of the chairs so I can craft and watch TV with my guys. THANKFULLY, I do see a solution in sight. We plan to take in our existing garage and add on a more usable garage/shop space, hopefully in the near future. I have already been cruising the internet for craft space ideas and I’m compiling a wish list of features. And we might even get to have company stay the night once I move the craft stuff into the old/remodeled garage!! Waiting is hard, though!¬†

    1. So cool you may get your own craft space! What do you think about a moveable cart to hold your most used tools to make scrapping in front of the tv easier? It could even double as a work surface for your son. 

  2. Love the colour Lain! I love my scrapping space in Singapore Рeven though its tiny its organised and it works for me! You can see my before and afters and my process at a little way down my page! I have a dedicated scraproom in the UK Рwhich I now need to reorganise as it doesnt work as well as the other one!

    I totally relate to the compromises you have to make when deciding where you scrap! My Singapore craft room is a guest bedroom Рits in the centre of our place there and perfectly located off the lounge Рeven though its small and there is very little natural light!

    My larger English craft room is at the top of our house there Рlots of natural light and beautiful views over the surrounding countryside, not huge but pefectly adequate with two large desks so I can scrapbook with my stepdaughter, when she is here! We have had friends over and crafted together which is a lot of fun! The downside is that it is on the third floor of our home, and has a sloping roof Рso there is quite a bit of unusable space Рcarrying stuff down if Im going to a crop isnt a lot of fun and its a long way from everybody else when we are all there! So when my 86 year old Aunt comes to stay Рlike now! I end up moving a lot of stuff into the lounge so that I can keep her company РI think if we move again Im going to have to give a lot of thought to where everything is going to go Рespecially if we have everything in one place!!!!

    Hope the move goes well Dani! I just love seeeing how other people organise their space! I do get serious craft room envy though with you American girls as homes are so much bigger there than they are in the UK and my bit of Asia!

    1. Love all the detail you went into re: organizing your space. Hopefully I can get you some ideas for the UK space. I had sloped ceilings/walls in my childhood bedroom, and my father built a dresser and shelves to fit right under the eaves. Of course there’s a limit to how far back you can go, but I had a ton of storage space that way.

  3. Heather the color is really beautiful – I love saturated paint colors :~)
    I am in the process right now, and am doing the same sort of thinking process you talked about. This will be my 3rd spot in this house, and although I enjoyed being in the middle of things it wasn’t really practical for anyone else. I had to move so quickly that I just plunked the furniture in, then spent a little time making a floor plan, but now that I changed it up I am actually finding out what ISN’T working with what I put on paper, so back to the drawing board :~(¬† I really wanted to be by the one small window, but it just isn’t working with my space plan – oh, well! I mostly scrap at night anyway so I guess that isn’t as important as I thought, lol! Looking forward to your updates. I will be posting on my blog as things gel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had a floor plan in mind too as I started putting things back in the room this week. I had to tweak things as I went along. I’m not wedded to any one idea yet, so changing as I go is pretty easy. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. That color is goregous!!¬† Nice job, Heather!¬† I love how you narrowed down what worked and what didn’t work in your other spaces.¬† Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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