Behind Door No. 2

I think it may be time:


Would you like to see what’s in my closet?

This looks rather like a before photo right next to an after photo, don’t ya think?

In a way they are before and afters, since the closet on the right had similar weirdly spaced and oddly located half shelves all over it. I took the old shelves out, painted the interior with chalkboard paint, and installed a new shelving system. I haven’t done anything with the lefthand closet yet, because I thought I would have more than enough shelf space in the single closet. Man was I wrong!

Would you like a closer look?

In detail:

Top shelf: magazines. I don’t know why I can’t make myself throw them away, but I just can’t.

Second shelf: Photo boxes sorted a la Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system.

Third shelf: Kits, including my kids’ School of Life supplies and Christmas

Fourth shelf: Paper! Cardstock and then patterned paper. Mostly organized by color. Organizing my PP by color really isn’t working for me. I’m going to have to think of another way to sort it, so I can find what I want when I want it.

Fifth shelf: Photo storage albums.

Bottom: 8.5 x 11 paper sorter I had originally planned on having on a table, but it didn’t fit where I wanted it.

The other side of that closet:

Top shelf: More magazines

Second shelf: Negatives and slides, photos collected from my MIL’s house when we cleaned it out prior to selling it, small photo drawers with random stuff thrown in them due to the move, and my first attempt at memorabilia storage. Not sure why I haven’t emptied it out and tossed it yet.

Third shelf: The rest of my paper, and some kits, mostly from Studio Calico. I order a kit when it’s not too girly. (I have boys, and don’t really like pink. I prefer orange.) Current memorabilia box, and empty albums, as well as albums in progress.

Fourth shelf: School of life memorabilia boxes, one for each kid. Papers on top are things I’ve found around the house as I unpack/organize. They’ll get into the right year folder soon.

Bottom: Big bin of fabric, with a small yarn basket on top. And my box of clothes to be mended/hemmed. And random stuff that somehow ended up on top of things in there.

In the closet to the left:

I should be embarrassed by this closet, but I’m not. I just need to add proper shelving to make it useful. I thought it would work as a great way to store my ironing board and home decor fabric and rolls of art paper, but I need more space for cards and envelopes and antique camera equipment and other odd craft supplies. That, however, is a project for another day.

Just looking at all this stuff makes me think I’ve got to get scrapping and USE my stash. And I haven’t even showed you what’s sitting on my desk. That’s going to have to wait till next week unfortunately. Here’s a little preview for you:

See you next week!



6 thoughts on “Behind Door No. 2”

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! I am loving seeing this.
    I laughted out load at the “before & after” as that’s precisely what I thought :~)
    Question: how are your shelves mounted? They must be able to hold a TON of weight (I’m thinking of the paper & magazines…)
    Nice that you have light in the closets as well.
    Now git scrappin’ girlie!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I used the metal brackets/braces from rubbermaid that you screw into the wall, with slots for adjustable shelf brackets. I just made sure I screwed the long metal brackets into studs. There are four of those along the back wall. 

  2. Wow, looks very organized, congrats! I like to keep my stuff in order too, the best way to really use up what you have and not to buy more just because they got lost.

  3. Katrina Forman

    I am so enjoying this series, it almost makes me want to move so I can have a better crafting space ;).  I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t seem to throw those magazines away!!

    1. Thank you! Glad you’re liking this! I keep thinking I’ll go back and read the mags, but hardly ever do. But I know there are some great techniques in them that I can adapt to new projects, so I keep holding onto them. Maybe now they are more accessible I’ll get at them more.

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