The “Cookbook” Is Here!


It’s time to celebrate, so get out the party hats, horns, and whizzbangsnozzers! Yahoo!

The first-ever ScrapHappy collaborative idea book, “Your Story Matters,” is ready for download, perusal and enjoyment! With 53 pages, tons of great ideas, and lots and lots of love, this ebook is sure to be a treasured community keepsake. 🙂 Just click on the cover below to download your copy!

 Now, what happens next?

1. If you contributed, you can now call yourself a published scrapbooker! Congratulations! 🙂

2. All new ScrapHappy members will receive this ebook as a welcome gift when they join our family.

3. I’m investigating the possibility of making this available for print copies. More info on that soon!

4. This was so fun, we’ll do it again next year!

THANK YOU to all of our contributors, as well as to Dani for coordinating the project. I absolutely couldn’t be happier — or prouder  — and you should be, too!

PS Party hat image is courtesy of …love Meagan on Flickr.

22 thoughts on “The “Cookbook” Is Here!”

  1. Susan Curtin Bryant

    So cool! Love all of the layouts! I can check of a Bucket List item – “Published Scrapbooker” – woo hoo! Thanks Lain and Dani! :o)

  2. Wow! So cool!!! Loved seeing my layouts in print!! Thanks Dani and Lain for doing this. Definitely awesome to cross that one off my list this year!!

  3. Wow! This turned out great. I feel so honored to be a part. I can’t believe how thrilling it was to see my name in print. Thank you Lain and Dani!

  4. This was pretty breath-taking. Definitely never aspired to be ‘published’ but must admit it’s pretty cool :). Beautiful job by nettio designs for pulling it together. Congrats to all of us!

  5. That looks fantastic! How exciting to see my layout and name there 🙂 It also made me feel all warm and fuzzy seeing so many familiar names. Thank you SO much Lain and Dani for all the effort that obviously went into this.

  6. How fun! It looks great!! Terrific job everyone! Lots of hard work and great stories in there!! oooh and a bonus as a published scrapbooker!

  7. Wowser! I’m so very glad I’m a member and able to have this treasure even though I didn’t contribute (darn it!!! – LOL). Thanks so much for all the work that everyone did on this! It’s totally awesome!

  8. Thanks so much to Lain and Dani for all their hard work – Soooo proud to be part of this and to have been able to join in with so many talented friends too. Love it and feeling proud to be a published scrapbooker – never thought that would happen!!!!!!

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