Round Up for December 13

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

It’s been pretty quiet on the message board for the past two weeks. I bet a lot of you are working on getting your Christmas shopping done, just like me!

Betsye did decide to challenge us to do 20 pages and 20 cards this month. Have you made anything this month? Make sure to share it with us!

Dani got a year membership to ScrapHappy for her mom, and is looking for suggestions on how to present it. Any suggestions?

Christy Strickler (aka theEmerald Valkyrie) is back with us, and sharing her wonderful pages:

There are so many things to love about this: the title, the use of pre-printed title cards, the so sweet photo. My favorite, however, is the sun. I’m a sucker for hand-pieced suns.

Reminder: Don’t forget that Lain is looking for input on using all sorts of supplies. The next due date is this weekend, and she’s looking for creative uses of woodgrain. I know you are all very creative, so make sure you show everyone what you can do in the gallery.

See you next week!


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