March Quick Page

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

It’s time to do some speedy scrapping! You can do this in just thirty minutes:

03-mar 30 min

Let me make a note about this page. I did not have a photo of this iconic Raggedy Ann and Andy clock from my childhood, but I wanted to tell the story about it. So… I went to eBay and found someone selling that exact clock! (I was tempted to buy it but decided to just do the page instead. LOL). I copied the photo from eBay, printed it out, and voila! Bob’s your uncle! (Bob is actually my brother-in-law, and therefore my kids’ uncle, but you can borrow him. He won’t mind.)

Here are the instructions:

2013 03 Mar Project Sheet The Story

You can also download and print the March 2013 project sheet so you can take it with you. Don’t forget to upload your version to the ScrapHappy gallery. I’d love to see what you make!



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