LOAD in Vogue: Let’s Start Off with Style & Grace

Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith


Welcome to LOAD in Vogue, our exclusive ScrapHappy Layout A Day challenge where we will travel through the decades discovering style, trends and fashion as sources of inspiration for our layouts.

However, before we embark on our journey, we’d like to take this time to remember our fellow scrapsister, Alison Charlton.  Her sudden passing this summer shocked us all and made us truly take stock in this special scrap-sisterhood we share.  A link to her obituary may be found here.  Connie Hanks will share some thoughts about Alison for us…

If you ever had the great pleasure of meeting Alison Charlton through the Scrap Happy community, or LOAD, then I’m sure the thought of her puts a smile on your face!  Although I never met Alison in real life, her cheery disposition and kind words always made me feel her warm and loving heart as if she was a friend I’d known my entire life. Her “number of sleeps” countdown before LOADs were always a chuckle!  Her chatty posts on Scrap Happy were always fun to read and inviting to join the conversation.  Did you know in her 14 months of membership, she made over 400 posts?!  Her enthusiasm for our shared hobby was contagious.

Ever read her post about how far she went to find a LSS in Dubai?  Yikes!  And her beautiful layouts showing her international travel adventures and love for her family will be greatly missed.  Feel free to peruse her work in flickr here.  It gives me great honor to work with Lain, Lynnette and Leslie to dedicate our LOAD in Vogue to such an amazing scrap-sister.  May we always remember her sweet smile, kind words, warm heart, entertaining antics, and lovely personality.  I know she would have loved this month’s theme – so let’s do this for Alison… Now Vogue!!

XOXO, Connie

 As a remembrance of Alison, we are dedicating LOAD in Vogue 2013 to her.

As you may have read on the ScrapHappy blog, Lain is graciously donating the balance of Alison’s Scrap Happy membership to the Aasha Fund.  In addition, for every layout that is uploaded for today (Day 1), she will donate another $.25 in Alison’s name.  What more motivation is needed to create and upload a layout today?

Today think about how ScrapHappy and/or the LOAD experience has impacted your life – a special bond you have created through this sisterhood, how the sense of community and comradery has helped you grow as a memory keeper – how scrapbooking in general helps you to appreciate the big and little things in life.

Life is short.  Tell your story.  Scrap your memories.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.54.38 AM

In Memory of our sweet scrapsister, Alison Charlton


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