Feeling Preppy + A Class of 2014 October LOAD Sponsor!

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We are three weeks away from the start of Class of 2014 LOAD! Yikes – how did that happen so quickly? As promised I wanted to share a quick & easy idea for your pre-LOAD homework aside from the obvious & needful adhesive/cardstock/frozen dinner stocking up/clearing a space on our scrap desks frenzy :~)

I propose that we take a week by week approach.  3 x 10 = 30 things ready in our backpacks. Now don’t panic because there is a little math problem here, lol! I figure that there are three basics that jump start our little scrappy hearts, namely photos, stories & supplies.

Starting this week lay in a supply of ten photos/groups of photos that you would love to get scrapped. That’s 2/day with the weekend off! Next week ten stories (you may want to make notes while going through your photos) & finally the week before school starts sift through your stash for ten goodies.

The bonus is that you will have a recent review of your photos & supplies. And it’s a lot more fun than cramming on the day of the prompts.

And now some really EXCITING news!

FLAIRcardHow about a special flair button just for our Class of 2014? And if that’s not enough, a 10% exclusive discount for LOADsters through November! Enter coupon code LOAD2014. (Christmas shopping, anyone?)

Visit the A Flair For Buttons Etsy shop, and shop a vast selection of flair sets, or build your own custom set of flair! Four options: 6 buttons $4.50, 8 buttons $6.00, 10 buttons $7.50, or 12 buttons for $9.00 (before your discount!) You can choose an open back, flat back or a pin back. Shipping is super-reasonable, too. Here’s the set I handpicked:


Important: to include a LOAD Class of 2014 button in your custom order simply type “LOAD” as one of your selections. The button isn’t shown on the sight as it’s our very own exclusive product. And if you don’t see something you need just ask! Custom work is a specialty. She is adding new things all the time.

This will be the prize for the random winner of our preLOAD School Picture posted on the Flickr group so be sure you get over there & post by September 30th! Included is one of our custom LOAD flair.


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  1. I went to their website from the FB post earlier this morning, before checking email – so many cute things to choose from! Getting excited to get started, so homework is good.

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